The Montane Alpine Club Climbing Fund

Providing Support for British Climbers and Mountaineers to Explore the World's Mountainous Regions Since 2016

Set up in 2016, the MACC Fund supports the Alpine Club's most intrepid and audacious expeditions.  Pushing the vanguard of exploratory climbing in its purest form, MACC expeditions are long and technical, requiring astonishing levels of expertise and endurance among secluded and inhospitable environments.

About the Fund:

The MACC Fund offers cash rewards, up to a total of £10,000 every year, to British climbers and mountaineers to explore the world's mountainous regions.  The aim being; to attempt first ascents and/or new routes in remote areas, or explore little-known alpine terrain.

They are given to established teams of experienced alpinists attempting high profile routes off the beaten track, and less well-established teams launching their expedition careers.

Usually Split between eight recipients, the awards are offered bi-annually in March and November.

Eligible expeditions must include at least one member of the Alpine Club and the number of Alpine Club members will influence the size of the grant offered.


"Judging by the range and quality of applications for this year’s MAACF , expeditionary alpinism in the UK is in a very strong state.

Ten grants have been awarded to support expeditions ranging from Himalayan veterans attempting a new route on the 8000m Broad Peak to a group of eight young alpinists on their first expedition gunning for unclimbed 5000m peaks in the Borkoldy Range of Kyrgyzstan.

The stunning 6000m peaks and relatively untapped potential of the Indian regions of Kishtwar and Zanskar have attracted three expeditions attempting technical new routes and first ascents, and other expeditions are heading off to different parts of India, China, Nepal and Pakistan"

Montane Athlete, Alpinist


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Thanks to the MACC Fund, Alpine Club members continue to put up bold, technical climbs in the great mountains of the world.