Make 2017 your fittest year ever by signing up to Trail Running's #Run1000Miles in 2017 - at just 2.7miles a day, this is the one New Year's resolution that will be easy to keep!


#Run1000Miles in a nutshell

- Run your 1000 miles at your leisure over the course of a year

- No pressure to adhere to any routines or planned diets, you run in your own way and time, for your own reasons

- 1000 miles = 19.2 miles per week, or 2.7 miles per day

- Sign up is simple – head to trailrunningmag.co.uk/Run1000Miles

- Fill in your pledge form, take a photo of yourself with it and share with the #Run1000Miles community on social media or join the #Run1000Miles group on facebook Get running!

- Record your progress using a tracker, or join the Strava #Run1000Miles club.



To help you on your journey, a number of Team Montane athletes, Montane staff and #Run1000Miles ambassadors will be taking part in this 2017 challenge also.

Connect with them for expert tips and tricks or just encouragement using the hashtag ‘#Run1000Miles’ on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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