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Welcome to the Further. Faster. Podcast, in association with Montane, the FREE podcast that asks ultra athletes, mountaineers and adventurers the why and the how of what they do.

Each month we’ll speak to different athletes, race organisers and experts from across the world to explore their motivations and what drives them to attempt such intimidating activities in the most extreme environments.



Martin could be described as a professional photographer and veteran of 20 polar expeditions, including trips working with the European Space Agency and NASA. But that doesn’t do him justice. He could be described as a polar explorer, but again, that doesn’t really cover what he does. His photos have appeared in The New York Times and Outside magazine, exhibited at Christie’s, Royal Geographic Society and the Scott Polar Research Institute, and is Director of Photography for Sidetracked Magazine. 


In the episode, Jenny talks about how she overcomes the physical and psychological strains of running for so long on her own. We talk about her training, and recovery, and also about the people she meets who make the mountains their home. There’s also some knitting chat.


Participation in the BBC programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week changed Katy’s life for the better, and has since been described as ‘Tinkerbell crossed with the Terminator’. Her immense, well-rounded fitness marries seamlessly with a nose for adventure and an iron will, enabling her to cross disciplines such as mountaineering and ultra-endurance.


In this podcast speaking from the Dolomites, Tom opens up about being the first person to climb the six great North Faces of the Alps in a single winter season, a feat his mother Alison Hargreaves completed in summer when Tom was a little boy. He also talks about risk and his preparation for major climbs, as well as his passion for dry tooling.

It’s an enlightening interview with an extraordinary talent.


Jen is a human rights lawyer by day (and sometimes night), and is also an exceptional ultra runner, placing high in the Montane Spine Challenger and the gruelling 190-mile Northern Traverse. The most remarkable is that she’s fairly new to the sport, and what makes talking to her so interesting is that all that learning, all those formative experiences are happening right now.


Steve Plain talks of his world-record breaking 7 Summits expedition completed over 4 months in early 2018 when the expedition clock stopped atop Mt Everest on the 14th May 2018, shaving eight days off the previous world record.Overcoming serious injury and hardship, and raising a significant sum of money for charity in the process, Steve talks engagingly about the highs and lows of such an expedition, and what inspired him to achieve the impossible.


Debbie became a part of the Montane athlete team in 2011 and has represented Scotland and Great Britain in 100K and 24-hour races. Her 10-year journey includes the West Highland Way Race, GUCR, Transgrancanaria, Montane Lakeland 50 & 100, Spartathlon and Tour des Geants. Debbie’s performances – and goals – are indicative of an athlete with the highest levels of physical and mental strength and will inspire you to get out in the mountains.


In this second episode, presenter Daniel Neilson talks to British Alpinist Malcolm Bass. Malcolm discusses how he started his climbing career, his caving roots in North Yorkshire, how he manages to combine his passion with his full-time job as a Clinical Psychologist as well as how that helps him choose the ideal climbing partner, with Malcolm discussing his next Himalayan project and why he’s got the perfect personality to take on these dangerous peaks. 


presenter Daniel Neilson talks to ultra runner Marcus Scotney about his training, a recent race in Costa Rica (which didn’t fully go to plan) and his other career as an actor. He also offers up some valuable running tips. We also speak to Robert Pollhammer, the Race Director of the Coldest Race on Earth; Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra, about the most recent race edition and what it takes to finish this epic race.