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MONTANE Announce BAIML Test Team

As part of Montane’s commitment to develop outstanding clothing and equipment for the mountains, our product development programme has expanded to include a test team selected from members of Montane’s brand partner the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML). International Mountain Leaders travel the globe leading expeditions for both clients and their own love of adventure.  As such, the variety of disciplines they employ, and the range of environments they operate in, create immensely well rounded and competent outdoor operator. This means they know what they need to achieve... Read More


Britain’s most brutal race concludes

Despite severe weather, 53 competitors from 13 countries complete the 2018 MONTANE® Spine® Race, Britain’s most brutal race. Highlights of today’s final day of racing can be viewed above or here Kirk Yetholm, Scotland, Sunday, 21 January 2018: Despite hugely challenging conditions over the seven days, 53 out of 118 competitors finished the 2018 MONTANE® Spine® Race. Athletes from 13 countries battled waist-deep snow drifts, 50mph-plus winds, heavy rain and extreme windchill to arrive at Kirk Yetholm’s Border Hotel, the traditional end point of the Pennine Way National Trail and... Read More


Williams takes second at the Spine® Race

After a 24-hour crossing of the snow-covered Cheviot Hills, which she described as “genuinely horrific”, Kirsty Williams (GBR) has placed second in the MONTANE® Spine® Race, in a time of 151 hours. http:// “The night was harder than I could have possibly imagined,” she said. “There were no tracks, so I’ve been wading through thigh-deep snow for 10-12 hours. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. That isn’t an endurance race, it’s a survival event. Did I ever think I might not make it? No way! It was epic.... Read More


Morgan Wins the 2018 MONTANE Spine Race

Carol Morgan has won the MONTANE® Spine® Race for a second year in a row. The Irish ultra-runner arrived at the Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm, the end point of the Pennine Way National Trail and the Spine® Race at 18:37, in an overall time of 130 hours and 37 minutes. (That’s slower than her record winning-time of 109 hours and 54 minutes last year, but this year’s race was paused for 12 hours due to severe weather.) In the final 42km section across the remote Cheviot Hills Morgan battled 50mph... Read More


Paloncý wins the 2018 Montane Spine Race

Pavel Paloncý has won the 2018 MONTANE Spine® Race, a record third win of Britain’s most brutal race. The Czech Republic ultra-runner arrived at the Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm, the end point of the Pennine Way National Trail and the Spine® Race at 21:50, in an overall time of 109:50. Paloncý becomes the first person to win the race three times and the first to complete it five times (he also has two runner-up placings). “It’s a great feeling to be here… Again,” he joked as he touched the wall... Read More