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tom kahler fastpacking chasing the alpine sun 08/10/2018


During a smash-and-grab trip to the Alps, Brand Ambassador Tom Kahler reflects that Fastpacking is as much a state of mind as a means of moving through the mountains. Fellow Brand Ambassador Elliot Simpson in his Future Lite Hoodie. Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> I always find packing very difficult.  In many ways, the success of an outing in the mountains can be decided at home by what I put in my bag.  The problem is that photography equipment is heavy and bulky, and... Read More

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Tom Kahler: Photography and Adventure

Tom Kahler is a young Sheffield based photographer who uses his incredible pictures to celebrate the vastness of the outdoors and  his love of moving through it.  Tom tells us how photography has informed his appreciation of the outdoors, and vice versa. Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> Q:  What inspired you to get into photography? I’ve always had a desire to travel and I’ve always had a bad memory, I started shooting photos simply to remember the places I’ve been. I then found myself... Read More

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Tom Kahler: Sleepless in Snowdonia

Tom and his friend Elliot spent an intrepid night atop Glyder Fawr during the ‘Beast from the East’ to catch the sunrise.  His experience – and resulting pictures – proving the sanguine nature of the outdoors.  Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> Endurance takes many forms, and is typically affiliated with the physical, involving a vast amount of physical pain and discomfort.  This notion can easily be thought of as animalistic attrition; is the finite amount of determination you have to keep going greater than the finite time... Read More