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steve plain on the further faster podcast 28/06/2018
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Steve Plain talks of his world-record breaking 7 Summits expedition completed over 4 months in early 2018 when the expedition clock stopped atop Mt Everest on the 14th May 2018, shaving eight days off the previous world record. Click the image to listen Overcoming serious injury and hardship, Steve went from near permanent paralysis to climbing the tallest mountain on each continent over the space of a few years, culminating with Project 7in4, raising money for charity in the process.  Steve talks engagingly about the highs and lows of such... Read More

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Project 7in4 Break ‘7 Summits’ World Record

< Previous Page          Next Page > MONTANE SUPPORTED ‘PROJECT 7in4’ EXPEDITION SUMMIT MOUNT EVEREST, SETTING NEW ‘7 SUMMITS’ WORLD RECORD Having already ticked 6 of the 7 required summits off in good time, the expedition’s goal to break the ‘7Summits’ world speed record was achieved in the early hours of this morning, when Steve Plain and Montane Athlete Jon Gupta summited Mount Everest a full 9 days ahead of the previous world record. The ‘7 Summits’ is a pre-existing challenge to summit the tallest peak on... Read More

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Everest VII: A Record in Touching Distance

< Previous Page          Next Page > Gambling on the good weather holding, the team dash up the mountain to get themselves in as good a position as possible for their summit attempt. Everest Day 26, 10-May-2018 Back up to Camp 2, but still waiting. Today Jon and I came back up to Camp 2. The weather is forecast to improve in the coming days so we thought we’d come back up where we’re slightly better positioned for a summit attempt. However, with strong winds persisting today... Read More

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Everest VI: Meteorological Pyrotechnics

< Previous Page          Next Page > A thunderstorm breaks the monotony of basecamp life and threatens to improve conditions for a summit attempt. Everest Day 23, 07-May-2018 Another day in Basecamp. Another day waiting. It is a real shame to have come this far, to have completed the first six climbs in such quick succession and now to be stuck here waiting. But I guess that’s the nature of the beast. That’s the mountains. I don’t know how long this wait will continue for. The days down... Read More

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Everest V: Delays and Demons

< Previous Page          Next Page > Delays begin to take their toll on morale.  Steve uses supporters’ messages to overcome his demons. Everest Day 19, 03-May-2018 Camp 2 back to Basecamp. Last night up at Camp 2 I slept 11hrs straight. Camp 2 is at about 6400m and up there I normally have quite broken sleep in the thin, cold air. But last night I passed out at 19:30 and didn’t wake until 06:30. Maybe it’s my acclimatisation improving or maybe it’s just how exhausted I... Read More

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Everest IV: Nuptse

< Previous Page          Next Page > Acclimatisation ramps up, with a tantalisingly close run-in with yet another iconic peak. Everest Day 16, 30-Apr-2018 Back up to Camp 2. This morning Jon, Tim and I set off from EBC a bit after 04:00 and headed back through the Khumbu Icefall and back up to Camp 2. With a few collapses and more movement in the Icefall the route isn’t as clean as it was when we first went through almost two weeks ago but still in pretty... Read More

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Everest III: 7in4 Supporters take over Base camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > The arrival of the Project7in4 Everest Base Camp Trekkers breaks the monotony of Basecamp life. Everest Day 9, 23-Apr-2018 Camp 1 to Camp 2. Today was a pretty easy day, just a gentle stroll up the Western Cwm from Camp 1 to Camp 2. We waited for the sun to hit at Camp 1 and set off at 08:50. Out of Camp 1 there are a few steep undulations in the glacier surface, almost like standing waves at the top... Read More


Everest II: Puja and Illness

< Previous Page          Next Page > Team 7in4 experience a ritual important to Sherpa and mountaineer alike, and Steve tries to shake of a nasty bug.  Everest Day 5, 19-Apr-208 Acclimatisation walk to Camp 1 and return. This morning we set off at 05:00 and headed up through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1. It took about 3.5hrs to get up, had a short break, then descended back to basecamp and were back in camp by mid-morning. The route through the Icefall is currently in great... Read More

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Everest I: To Base Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > A characteristically fast insertion trek up to Base Camp provided a star-studded surprise. EVEREST DAY 1, 15-Apr-2018 It feels so good to be back in the Khumbu! After a few days rest in Kathmandu, today we got the small fixed-wing flight up to Lukla (2800m). I’ve done that flight a number of times now but the landing on the short inclined runway is always fun. After a quick breakfast in Lukla we hit the trail up to Namche. It is... Read More

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Denali I: Now the Fun Begins

< Previous Page          Next Page > Struggling to Keep Up to Date Apologies, I am posting this update slightly out of order. Between cramped long-haul flights, jet lag, the actual climbs themselves and recovery, I have found it difficult to keep up to date with my trip reports. I still have Carstensz and Elbrus to catch up on. However, I thought I would get this report out on time to provide an update on my current movements. I will back fill the other reports when I... Read More