Spider Hoodie

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FRANCO COOKSON: 14 Lives, 13 Souls

Montane Ambassador Franco Cookson finds peace amongst technical Cornish granite despite the sadness of its past. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of waking up to the bright summer sun as it starts to make its way through the tent canvass: I half want to go back to sleep, but I’m getting excited at what the day will bring. Eventually, the lure of a nice cup of tea outweighs the desire to stay languishing in piles of soft blankets. It’s early and despite the Cornish sun making me feel quite... Read More


UKC Climbing Competition – Win a Spider Hoodie

A new addition to Montane’s Spring/Summer 2018 range, the Spider Hoodie incorporates a variety of new technologies and materials to produce an efficient and durable technical mid-layer Montane Spider Hoodie, Firefly Orange The Montane Spider Hoodie is an all new lightweight and technical alpine hooded fleece pull-on designed for climbers, by climbers. High performance is hardwired into the inherent materiality of this lightweight and quick-drying midlayer.  Its high stretch Pontentorto Tecnostretch fabric incorporates a CORDURA face for enhanced durability whilst fitting close to the body through a full range of... Read More