Sarah Rowell

Sarah Rowell at the 51st OMM | Montane 01/11/2018
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The last weekend in October for most people means an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back; more importantly for 2,000 or so mountain people, it means the OMM weekend.  Two days of working in pairs, looking after yourself, finding checkpoints and hopefully making it back to the overnight campsite or event centre each day before it is either dark or the courses close. This latter point had resonance, as last year at the event’s 50th anniversary we (along with the majority of other teams) had failed to... Read More

Sarah rowell climbs the eiger | Montane 31/08/2018
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Sarah Rowell: The Eiger

International running legend Sarah Rowell recently spent a fortnight experiencing everything the Alps had to offer – both weather AND activity-wise – in a bid to summit the fearsome Eiger. Our plan had been to have a few days doing some acclimatisation via long days in the hills, then the Eiger followed by Dufourspitze.  The changing weather meant that had to be flexed quite a bit, so the final plan became a more schizophrenic affair, with a mix of short and long days spent at varying intensities trying to acclimatise: Day... Read More