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jon gupta 7in4 everest 26/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4: EVEREST I

Living on the face of the world’s tallest mountain for 8 days so far, acclimatisation is the name of the game.  That and dealing with the time-consuming logistics and weather watching that is synonymous with the iconic mountain. Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Day 11 on Everest & all set to go! After flying into Lukla 2800m on 15th April & blasting up to Basecamp 5300m in just 3 days, we’ve spent the past 8 days acclimatising on Everest… 19th – We took a day... Read More

jon g 7in4 Track Jon Gupta 22/04/2018
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Track Jon Gupta During final 7in4 Summit: Everest

For the duration of the final  7IN4 summit attempt, Jon will be wearing a GPS tracker which allows you to follow his progress in near real-time. Updated every 20 minutes, the tracker shows his (and the rest of Team 7in4’s) location on this iconic and deadly mountain in satellite imagery rendered 3D, complete with overlays of geographical, local features, and even photos taken by previous adventurers. https://3d.realitymaps.de/MountEverest/?run=show-lt&tracker=123123