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bmc hills 2 oceans | montane 05/04/2019


Launched at the 2019 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in March, the new initiative dovetails in where MEND OUR MOUNTAINS left off, extending its core tenets of conservation, preservation-through-activation, and environmental compassion from the summit to the sea. Where the most recent round of the ‘Mend our Mountains’ campaigns broke new ground in the ambition of preservative efforts towards how we interact with and preserve our environment for future generations, HILLS 2 OCEANS represents a sea-change in the holistic relationship between user and environment.  As such, the new initiative implores outdoor... Read More

BMC Mend Our Mountains make one million | Montane 18/10/2018


The BMC’s ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ most recent campaign has raised a significant sum, bringing it closer to their monumental target of £1 million. The BMC’s ambitious  ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ crowdfunding drive has raised over £75,000 over the past 5 weeks via the crowdfunding platform https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mendourmountains.  This marked the most ambitious phase of the campaign. Mend Our Mountains is a call to action to anyone who values the hills, mountains and unique landscapes of Britain.  It is a national BMC campaign to repair heavily eroded paths and trails... Read More

BMC Mend Our Mountains make one million | Montane 10/09/2018

BMC Launches the biggest phase of Mend Our Mountains

The BMC’s ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ initiative to raise £1 million to repair the UK’s most popular wild spaces enters the largest single fundraising effort of the campaign today Mend Our Mountains, the initiative to raise £1 million to repair areas in the UK’s 15 National Parks that have been most seriously blighted by erosion, is commencing a serious crowdfunding drive today. A campaign partnership between the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and the Uk’s family of 15 national parks, the appeal is also supported by celebrities such as... Read More

mend our mountains profile 18/07/2018

Mend Our Mountains: A Big Step Closer to Making A Million

After only four months, The BMC has announced the ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ appeal has raised over £330,00 so far, a colossal one third of its target. The appeal, which Montane is proudly supporting with 1% of all website sales, is very much on track for its £1 million target with two thirds of its original time frame to go. Money raised will go towards repairing and resorting some of Britian’s most popular footpaths which, a victim of their popularity, are heavily eroded.  Thanks to the BMC’s and... Read More

BMC Mend Our Mountains make one million | Montane 15/03/2018


Montane are the first brand to answer the BMC’s rallying cry to preserve Britain’s mountainous areas from degradation and overuse. We are passionate about protecting these inspiring and beautiful places are maintained and enjoyed for years to come, and have committed to donating 1% of our website sales to this cause.  It is our hope we can not only contribute to the cause , but also inspire other big players in the industry to take such an active interest in the longevity of our precious outdoor environment.   To find... Read More