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Jon Gupta’s 7in4 V: KILIMANJARO

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> A definite highlight for Jon, Kilimanjaro is his favourite mountain.  His 21st summit of the highest peak in Africa was nonetheless a special one; with perfect weather, his favourite route, and even romance! Expedition dates: February 12th – 15th, 2018 Riding high off our super fast summit success on the amazing Aconcagua we packed our bags & head off for number 3 of the 7 summits – Kilimanjaro. It’s no secret that I LOVE this mountain, this would be my 21st... Read More


Carstensz I: Trip in Jeopardy

< Previous Page          Next Page > Spare Day In Tanzania Last Friday we had a spare day at the lodge in Moshi, Tanzania before departing for our flight to Bali. After 4 days high on Kilimanjaro it was nice to just relax in the warmth by the pool, but also managed a short jog around the local country side in the afternoon. Jogging along the dirt roads I did attract a few strange looks, particularly from the local kids, one of them even paced me on... Read More


KILIMANJARO II: Summit and Back

< Previous Page          Next Page > A Windy Night in Kosovo Camp Tuesday night at Kosovo Camp the wind blew strong all night. In the strongest gusts my tent would lay over covering me in fabric, then pop up again when it eased off. That combined with the constant rustle of the tent flapping in the wind made it difficult to sleep. At about 23:30 I heard voices outside. Sticking my head out the tent door I saw a large team slowly creeping up the hill.... Read More


KILIMANJARO I: Up to High Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > The Travel Is Harder Than The Climbing For Climb No.3, Kilimanjaro, we had to make our way from Mendoza, Argentina to Moshi, Tanzania. Just a quick hop across the Atlantic Ocean….. Right?….. Wrong! To say I had been dreading this leg is an understatement. Our itinerary read: Mendoza to Buenos Aires – Flight time 1hr 35min; Layover 5hr 35min Buenos Aires to New York – Flight time 10hrs 53min; Layover 2hrs 42min New York to London – Flight time 6hrs... Read More