Jayson Cavill

spine race and challenger | montane 14/01/2019


Britain’s Jasmin Paris battles Eugeni Roselló Solé (ESP) in brutal 268 mile race. Pre-Race    Day 1    Day2     Day3     Day4    Day5    Day6    Day7    Day8    Day9 As the MONTANE® Spine® Race enters into its second night, an epic contest for lead position is being played out across the Pennines. Jasmin Paris (GBR), first placed female, is running neck and neck with 2013 MONTANE® Spine® Race winner, Eugeni Roselló Solé (ESP), first placed male. This battle of the sexes commenced from the start of the race when both Paris and... Read More


JAYSON CAVILL: 3 Peaks Prep – Return to Roots

In the run-up to his 3 Peaks attempt this weekend, Jayson reflects for a moment on his mental and physical preparation.  Disecting motives and performance parameters has lead to a sea-change in his approach to – and relationship with – running, heralding a new ‘Return to Roots’ approach. The Lakeland 100 in July last year seems like a distant memory in some regards.  However, the lessons learned from the build-up and whole training year still sit firmly in my mind, albeit still a little uncomfortable to be honest… 8 months further... Read More