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Jenny Tough travelled to Iceland for a week of fastpacking. A runventure completely lacking in agenda except for finding hot springs, killer bivvy spots, ice and fire, trolls and fairies. This is what Iceland is all about. Staring up at the looming peaks ahead of her, revealed for the first time by the typical Icelandic weather, she decide this adventure definitely needs a pointless summit, too. HOME     THE BASICS     SYSTEMS     PACKING GUIDE FASTPACKING ICELAND “…It wouldn’t be right to call this hard – this is a true... Read More

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Tom Kahler: Photography and Adventure

Tom Kahler is a young Sheffield based photographer who uses his incredible pictures to celebrate the vastness of the outdoors and  his love of moving through it.  Tom tells us how photography has informed his appreciation of the outdoors, and vice versa. Follow Tom’s adventures: <Previous Page          Next Page> Q:  What inspired you to get into photography? I’ve always had a desire to travel and I’ve always had a bad memory, I started shooting photos simply to remember the places I’ve been. I then found myself... Read More