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Imagine an overhead map of the Himalaya marked with mountaineering routes. The thicker it is, the more people have attempted it. You’d see Everest as a broad red line. Even wider lines would travel up the ‘trekking peaks’ of Island Peak (6,189m), Mera Peak (6,476m), Tent Peak (5,663m) and Yala Peak (5,700m). Like the great Scottish Munros, the highest, the easiest and the most accessible get climbed most. Without seeing through the window of a Bombardier Dash 8, it’s hard to imagine the scale of the Himalaya. Within the range... Read More



You’ll never walk alone. The ‘Third Man Factor’ is a phenomenon that is experienced at the edges of existence, those moments when mountaineers, sailors, and Polar explorers, have the vivid experience of another human being sharing their struggle. Here Dan Neilson investigates the phenomenon: “Boss, I had a curious feeling on the march that there was another person with us.” Frank Worsley, captain of the Endurance, told Ernest Shackleton. Tom Crean, an Irish seaman, later admitted the same. After the Endurance became trapped in ice and destroyed, the crew escaped... Read More



< Previous Page          Next Page > Arriving in Mendoza, From -32degC to +38degC Following my Vinson climb last week I had one night in Punta Arenas and was then straight up early Friday morning for my flight to Mendoza. I felt terrible. I didn’t get to bed until about 1 am and was barely asleep by 3 am when my roommate stumbled in drunk and collapsed on my bed instead of his own. After kicking him into his own bed he proceeded to snore for the... Read More


VINSON: Antarctica Pre-Departure Briefing

Pisco Sours on Antarctic Ice This afternoon we attended Antarctic Logistics & Expedition’s (ALE) pre-departure flight briefing covering everything from boarding procedures to weather to not feeding the penguins. It was very comprehensive and topped off with light canapés and pisco sours served on antarctic ice. From Punta Arenas we’ll be taking an Iiyushin 76 to Union Glacier where we’ll transfer to a smaller Twin Otter for the flight to Vinson Base Camp. There is strict weather criteria for the Iiyushin to land on the ice runway on Union Glacier... Read More