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jon gupta further faster podcast | montane 25/06/2019


Welcome to Further, Faster, in association with Montane and hosted by Daniel Neilson. In this episode, we speak to Jon Gupta. He is a mountaineer. A very, very good mountaineer, one who specialises in very very big mountains. But he’s also an expedition guide, notably working with a previous interviewee Steve Plain for his 7 Summits project. He’s a penchant for more remote, lesser-known mountains. But over the last couple of years, he’s also run the Bob Graham round, and the the 430-Yukon Arctic Ultra.. on his second attempt. We... Read More

daniel neilson fkt | montane 18/04/2019


The FKT or Fastest Known Time has become a massive deal in the ultrarunning world. Daniel Neilson dissects the pros and cons and offers advice on attempting your own. FKT is in danger of sounding like a New York fashion label or the latest Bay Area app. But the idea of FKT or Fastest Known Time has become one of the biggest phenomenons in endurance racing, mountaineering, ultra running and in almost every self-powered outdoor pursuit. Yet, it is not without its controversy. The FKT is essentially a speed record... Read More



You’ll never walk alone. The ‘Third Man Factor’ is a phenomenon that is experienced at the edges of existence, those moments when mountaineers, sailors, and Polar explorers, have the vivid experience of another human being sharing their struggle. Here Dan Neilson investigates the phenomenon: “Boss, I had a curious feeling on the march that there was another person with us.” Frank Worsley, captain of the Endurance, told Ernest Shackleton. Tom Crean, an Irish seaman, later admitted the same. After the Endurance became trapped in ice and destroyed, the crew escaped... Read More