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Vinson III: Low Camp to High Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > Getting Higher. Getting Colder. Today we climbed from Low Camp to High Camp. The route started out once more along the Branscomb Glacier. Relatively flat easy walking for the first hour. From there we headed up a steepish ridge, approx. 40 to 45deg to a plateau at High Camp. It was pretty easy climbing with hard packed snow underfoot. There were fixed ropes in place up the ridge which we could clip in to for safety but a pretty easy... Read More


Britain’s most brutal ultra race returns

The 108-mile MONTANE® Spine® Challenger starts tomorrow; Sunday’s 2018 MONTANE® Spine® Race will be the most international and the most competitive in the event’s seven-year history   Today’s highlight real from Edale can be viewed above and via this link  Edale, Peak District National Park, United Kingdom, Friday, 12 January, 2018: With the most competitive line-up yet in its seven-year history, the 2018 MONTANE® Spine® Race and Britain’s most brutal race, looks likely to be dramatic. The men’s race sees four previous winners joined by a multi-record-breaking UK mountain runner... Read More


Vinson II: Base Camp to Low Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > What Time Is It? The first thing to get use to down here in Antarctica (or maybe the second, after the cold) is the sun. At this time of year it doesn’t set, it just does circles above your head. With 24hr daylight it really doesn’t matter what time zone you work off. All time zones merge at the South Pole so you can pick anything. Although we are working off the same time zone as Chile. Saves adjusting our... Read More


Nophobia – Tom Ballard

Like many good things, my ascent of this multi-pitch drytooling testpiece came about largely by chance. I was in the ice and mixed climbing mecca that is Alberta, Canada. After climbing various classic ice lines with some visiting Americans and a really good mixed line on the iconic Stanley Headwall with local under the radar hard climber Alik Berg, I was put in touch with an Australian doctor, Simon Parsons, living in Calgary, by part-time Canmore resident and Himalayan legend Steve Swenson (who I had first met this summer in... Read More


VINSON I: Welcome to Antarctica

<Home Page          Next Page > The Flight South Last night for some reason in the hotel I barely slept. Probably a combination of still adjusting to the new time zone plus anticipation for the day ahead (and my roommate snoring). Lying in bed awake at 06:00 I decided it was pointless trying to get any more sleep so got up and went to the hotel gym. We were meant to be flying to Antarctica this morning but based on last night’s weather forecast at the pre-departure... Read More


VINSON: Antarctica Pre-Departure Briefing

Pisco Sours on Antarctic Ice This afternoon we attended Antarctic Logistics & Expedition’s (ALE) pre-departure flight briefing covering everything from boarding procedures to weather to not feeding the penguins. It was very comprehensive and topped off with light canapés and pisco sours served on antarctic ice. From Punta Arenas we’ll be taking an Iiyushin 76 to Union Glacier where we’ll transfer to a smaller Twin Otter for the flight to Vinson Base Camp. There is strict weather criteria for the Iiyushin to land on the ice runway on Union Glacier... Read More


How to be an Alien – Tom Ballard Trip Report

Since I returning from a largely unsuccessful (in climbing terms) expedition in Pakistan I have spent almost two months in the fabulous Dolomites. Although the weather was rather unusual, October being warmer than September! I concentrated on getting ‘tooling’ fit for the fast approaching winter season. This consisted of a 20m overhanging traverse and several circuits. All on rock. I don’t use crampons, to make it more difficult to keep my feet on (muddy boots), and gives a little extra work out for the arms and the core. Of course... Read More



The very first Montane Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra took place at 05:30 on Saturday 2 December 2017 in Northumberland. Wim Stevenson was on the start line and ultimately completed the course, finishing in 21:54:26. He gives us his unique perspective of this epic ultra endurance race. Ultra-marathon running is a lot of things. It is also not a lot of things. The premise is brutally simple; get from A to B without giving up. For a select few, giving up could equate to a matter of moments and mean the... Read More



The very first Montane Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra took place at 05:30 on Saturday 2 December 2017. With 85 competitors on the start line at Ingram, Northumberland, the atmosphere was quiet, focused and tense. In the darkness at 05:30 on Saturday 2 December, the remote village of Ingram in Northumberland finds itself playing host to 85 determined ultra runners. With race registration opening the day before, runners have passed the stringent kit checks, safety briefing and have exchanged words of camaraderie with fellow participants. While shorter races centre on a... Read More



Portraying the determination, sweat and often personal sacrifice that comes with climbing and mountaineering is a challenging subject. Yet two Montane sponsored films ‘Psycho Vertical’ and ‘Magnetic Mountains’ have done just that, gaining international plaudits at Banff Mountain Film Festival and Graz Mountain Film Festival respectively. At the start of November, Montane athlete Andy Kirkpatrick raised the curtain on his documentary film Psycho Vertical. Playing at a sold-out world premiere at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Canada, Psycho Vertical wowed audience members by its sheer honesty and ‘warts and... Read More