spine mrt 2019 | montane 11/01/2019
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The 174km/108 mile MONTANE Spine® Challenger starts tomorrow.  Saturday 12 January 2019 at 8 AM. 104 competitors (80 men and 24 women) from 10 different nations are competing to cover 108 miles of the Pennine Way National trail irrespective of what the terrain and the British weather can throw at them.   Pre-Race    Day 1    Day2     Day3     Day4    Day5    Day6    Day7    Day8    Day9 Wouter Huitzing (NED) has returned to improve on his course Record. Huitzing set the current course record for the MONTANE® Spine® Challenger in... Read More

2019 Spine Race | montane 10/01/2019
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Spine Race 2019: Pre-Race

The 2019 Spine Race continues to draw international talent, solidifying itself as ‘Britain’s Most Brutal’ ultra-endurance event. A competitor battles driving snow during 2018’s race. (© Racing Snakes). START TIMES Montane Spine Challenger:                        08:00    12.01.2019 Montane Spine MRT Challenge:               09:00    12.01.2019 Montane Spine Race:                                   08:00    13.01.2019 The Montane Spine Race is a non-stop 268 mile winter ultra-marathon encompassing the entire length of the Pennine Way, and is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races. Since its inception in 2012, which saw 11 entrants and... Read More

Cheviot Goat Ultra 2018 race report | Montane 09/01/2019


Early December saw Montane Athlete Tom Hollins take on the Northumbrian Cheviots in challenging Winter conditions by running the Montane Cheviot Goat.  Battling the elements, terrain, and bogs he finished a very competitive join 6th place in a climactic finale to an excellent years’ racing. Conditions this year were wet, turning the peaty Northumbrian hills into boggy quagmires. <last year’s report Words: Tom Hollins Pictures: Wild Man Media This year was my first goat and my last race of the season before my first Spine Race free Christmas for 3 years.... Read More

GB ice climbing team sponsorship announcement image | Montane 14/12/2018
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Montane Becomes GB Ice Climbing Team Kit Sponsor

Montane announces support of GB Ice Climbing Team, providing clothing for the upcoming 2018/19 season. For the upcoming 2018/19 competition season, the GB Ice Climbing will be supported with Montane sponsored clothing.  This exciting development precedes a fully revamped team philosophy and selection policy, intended to create a team capable of competing with the best in the world. “We are super psyched for a revamped, refreshed GB Ice Climbing Team and we can’t thank our wonderful sponsors, Montane, enough for its support.” Zoe Spriggins, BMC Competitions Programme Manager Ahead of... Read More

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney's Cappadocia Ultra blog 30/11/2018
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As I ascended the final big climb there was the distant rumble of thunder and dark menacing clouds signalled the arrival of thunderstorms. The rumbles of thunder became more frequent, and as I ran across the top of the exposed hill drops of rain began to fall, cooling me down. The storm appeared to be clinging to the hillside on the opposite side of the valley which I had been running over only a few hours ago.  More thunder.  Would I be caught in the storm? Abruptly the route of... Read More

jen scotney races the cappadocia ultra | montane 31/10/2018
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We set off with the 120km runners and wound up through the steep streets out of the town. I had actually started nearish the front so a few people were coming past me, yet I was going past others that walked the hill. We soon turned off the road and started the next 39 miles of dusty winding trails which made for an absolutely stunning race. There were a few bottlenecks at canyons at the start but otherwise, I got into my rhythm, plodding along, waiting for the first of... Read More

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The second part of this year has been a lesson in patience, in moderation for me, in realising I’m not as invincible as a couple of good races can make me feel. I had always said 2018 would be about the Northern Traverse and it was, and thinking I would want a break from running and training after that I had said no more races for 2018. 1  TRAINING          2  NERVES          3  THE RACE          4  AFTERMATH Had. As... Read More

BMC Mend Our Mountains make one million | Montane 18/10/2018


The BMC’s ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ most recent campaign has raised a significant sum, bringing it closer to their monumental target of £1 million. The BMC’s ambitious  ‘Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million’ crowdfunding drive has raised over £75,000 over the past 5 weeks via the crowdfunding platform  This marked the most ambitious phase of the campaign. Mend Our Mountains is a call to action to anyone who values the hills, mountains and unique landscapes of Britain.  It is a national BMC campaign to repair heavily eroded paths and trails... Read More

primaloft thermoplume icarus and phoenix snowglobe at kendall mountain festival 2018 | montane 02/10/2018
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Montane is teaming up with PrimaLoft at Kendal Mountain Festival to celebrate a partnership spanning more than 15 years. Focus at the festival will be on PrimaLoft’s innovative loose-fill ‘ThermoPlume’insulation, which is the closest any synthetic insulation has come to mimicking the structure of natural down. Montane was the first UK outdoor brand to use the innovative ‘blowable’ insulation in its Autumn/Winter 2017 range and has extended its range of products for this season to include hoodless jackets (Micro), vests, and climbing specific pieces in both the Icarus (men) and Phoenix... Read More

kevin hadfield 2018 tor des geants review | montane 26/09/2018
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Montane Athlete Kevin Hadfield returned to the 2018 Montane Tor des Géants for his second year, finishing in an amazing 53rd position REVIEWS: (click images to view) The beauty of Courmayeur, the sound of thousands lining the medieval streets, the fanfare, environment and course are all familiar but there is a layer of anxiety blanketing the experience that is all-together uncomfortable and foreign. I have returned to the site of my largest accomplishment to date in this trail running game. I am toeing the line of the Montane Tor des Geants... Read More