myau race directors report | montane 25/02/2019
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Thoughts and reflections on this years’ race from Race Director Robert Pollhammer. After the race I often get asked if I am happy about how things went. Knowing that everyone is safe, the answer is “yes, I am happy”. However, I also always think about the athletes who were not able to reach their respective finish lines. To all those who had no luck this time I want to say that it was great to have you with us. Whatever the reasons were that you could not continue, I hope... Read More

nanga parbat in mummery's shadow vol 4 | montane 18/02/2019
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NANGA PARBAT: Mummery Winter 4

Patience is a virtue.  What’s the hardest part of an expedition? The acclimatisation, the load carrying, the cold, digging out buried camps? No. The hardest part of an expedition is the waiting. Sitting around on your duff, stuffing your face full of rice, going to relieve yourself of said rice, sleeping. < vol. 3 I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, trying to drown out the negative thoughts floating maliciously inside my mind. Basecamp life is fairly predictable: First breakfast, anywhere between 7.30am and 9am, depending on what... Read More

tom ballard nanga parbat winter 3 | montane 31/01/2019
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NANGA PARBAT: Mummery Winter 3

Sometimes a few days of bad weather can be a good thing, allowing you to rest with a clear conscience. But when it snows over a metre in 24 hours, you’re wishing for clear skies once again. Even if it means that you have to actually go climbing! < vol. 2 Breaking the first part of the trail was hard work. We didn’t descend onto the glacier because of avalanche danger. The next day we easily followed our nicely made path and then down onto the glacier. Crossing this in... Read More

further faster podcast episode ten | montane 25/01/2019
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Welcome to Further Faster, in association with Montane. In these podcasts, present Daniel Neilson talks to ultra athletes, explorers and mountaineers to discover how they do what they do and, most importantly, why. In this episode, Daniel chats to Damian Hall. You may have come across him before. He’s a journalist and ultra runner. He’s positioned highly in the Montane Spine Race and the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc, about which a film called Underdog was made. Most recently, with his teammate Beth Pascall, they achieved the fastest known time... Read More

myau 2019 | montane 24/01/2019
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MYAU organisers look forward to edition #16 of the world’s coldest and toughest ultra.   Since 2003, the MYAU has been held every February along the Yukon Quest Trail – the route of the world’s toughest Sled Dog Race. A cumulative total of over 900 hardy souls have toed the start line in Whitehorse next to the Yukon River to cover their choice of four distances along this brutally cold and challenging trail, with marathon, 100, 300, or the full 430 mile course options available.  This year, 87 athletes from over... Read More

arctic ultra clothing | montane 24/01/2019
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Running 430 miles through the Yukon Arctic is no mean feat.  Having clothing that is fit for purpose will make all the difference: warm yet breathable, light and packable yet tough enough to survive the temperatures.  Simple, intuitive features are preferred to increase efficiency and usability when cold and fatigue takes hold. Javed has tested and tweaked his clothing system over the course of months.  In December 2018, he ran the 55-mile Montane Cheviot Goat Ultra twice back-to-back, in an attempt to replicate the levels of exhaustion he would be... Read More

tom ballard nanga parbat winter 2 | montane 24/01/2019

NANGA PARBAT: Mummery Winter 2

“At once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has been devised.” < vol. 1     vol.3 > Of course, Cherry Garrard was writing about Polar exploration, but things are similar here in the cold, snowy mountains. I would have begged to differ about the cleanliness part until my weekly (or is that twice weekly?) wash this morning. The having a bad time part I definitely agree with. The other night Karim and I were woken by feeble cries outside. Daniele was requesting help. Drowsily... Read More

further faster podcast jasmin paris | montane 22/01/2019
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Click on the image or below to listen Welcome to Further, Faster in association with Montane. This is the podcast that delves into why, and how, ultra athletes, mountaineers and explorers do what they do. This is a very special edition of the podcast as we speak to Jasmin Paris. A few days before this podcast was recorded Jasmin smashed the previous record for the Montane Spine Race by an incredible 12 hours and won the race by more than eight hours. The Montane Spine Race stretches 268 miles across the... Read More

2019 spine challenger kit list | montane 21/01/2019
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Montane Athlete Jen Scotney finished the 2019 Montane Spine Challenger in 3rd place.  Here she talks through her kit selection. Click here to read Jen’s SPINE CHALLENGER report The challenge of this race was clearly the wet, wild, cold weather, with only one chance to pick up dry kit at Hebden. The outstanding piece of kit for me was my Prismatic Jacket – I put it on under my Spine Jacket when I was cold at 30 miles and it was instance warmth. It then kept me warm and dry... Read More

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When is a DNF (Did Not Finish) acceptable for you? What red lines have to be crossed before you can make that decision to pull out of a race without regrets? For me, I usually think it would be an injury that could impact on future races, or create long term difficulties if I carried on, that would make the decision for me. That would be acceptable in my mind to pull out and mentally know it just couldn’t have carried on. A sensible, even if still disappointing, DNF. But... Read More