Project 321 | montane 05/05/2019
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PROJECT 321: TIM’S DIARY 29.04.-05.05.19

This week weather plagues the expedition, and Tim finally announces PROJECT 321’s complete objectives. 29.04.19 10:38  Here’s a pano that I took a couple of years back showing the Lhotse Face and all the way back down The Western Cwm  This year the Lhotse Face is looking quite icy at the moment … the snow from last week having been blown away.  Currently it’s fixed up to upper Camp 3 but the Climbing Sherpa fixing team will be trying to forge ahead over the next few days to The South Col... Read More

project 321 | montane 28/04/2019
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PROJECT 321: TIM’S DIARY 21.04.-28.04.19

21.04.19 05:58  I think this lot should suffice for a couple of nights on the hill.  On the hill we often suffer from a loss of appetite which is perverse when we’re burning so much energy. So I tend to go for snacks rather than meals. 13:28  After a mostly cloudy day we’ve just been granted a final glimpse of Nuptse.  Great views … but it’s chuffing freezing.  Time for dinner and then bed. 22.04.19 07:47  What do you do on a rest day when you’re at Everest Base Camp? Well, it starts... Read More

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Day 10 saw me I’m familiar territory, the good old Brecon Beacons, a place I knew very well from my time as a soldier in the Army. Seeing the welcome sign, sent a shiver down my spine and reminded me of many a cold, wet night sleeping under the stars. The Brecon Beacons are beautiful but from a soldiers perspective were often unforgiving and relentless, this was the reason many elite units such as the SAS, Royal Marines and Paras spent a lot of time here, they say you can... Read More

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PROJECT 321: TIM’S DIARY 13.04-20.04.19

14.04.19 Everest Base Camp … home for the next 5 to 6 weeks or so.  I say ‘home’ … they’ll be various forays on the hill visiting Camp 1 and Camp 2 and getting well and truly acclimatised. When we’re on the hill, despite trying, most people don’t drink enough, eat enough or sleep enough so Base Camp is a great sanctuary to return to after each rotation.  Enjoy the view … 15.04.19 Loitered at Gorak Shep for a couple of hours yesterday until the snow cleared and then... Read More

Jordan wylie cairngorms marathon | montane 16/04/2019
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They say ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ – a mantra that served me well today in the most northern of the UK’s National Parks; the Cairngorms. Day 1.           Day 2.          Day 3.          Day 4.          Day 5.          Day 6.          Day 7.          Day 8.          Day 9.          Day 10.          Day 12.   ... Read More

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“So when are you off on your shakedown trip Ash?” asked a North American friend. Shakedown sounds like an unwanted pat down at Airport security to me. However, this alien term actually refers to a short training trip to test out equipment and dust off your skillset. And so in late February, I headed to the Hardangervidda Plateau in Norway, to do a shakedown of my Arctic travel skills in preparation for a 35-day ski along the sea ice of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. This was my third-time... Read More

bmc hills 2 oceans | montane 05/04/2019


Launched at the 2019 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in March, the new initiative dovetails in where MEND OUR MOUNTAINS left off, extending its core tenets of conservation, preservation-through-activation, and environmental compassion from the summit to the sea. Where the most recent round of the ‘Mend our Mountains’ campaigns broke new ground in the ambition of preservative efforts towards how we interact with and preserve our environment for future generations, HILLS 2 OCEANS represents a sea-change in the holistic relationship between user and environment.  As such, the new initiative implores outdoor... Read More

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In Memory of Tom Ballard 1988 – 2019

  On Thursday 7th March it was confirmed that British mountaineer Tom Ballard and Italian climber Daniele Nardi had lost their lives while attempting a first ascent of the Mummery Spur on Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. Numerous parties including the Base Camp support team, other mountaineering groups from across the region and the Pakistan Army did everything they could to locate the team after they went missing on Sunday 24th February. Early on Thursday, 7th March, another expedition team lead by Spanish climber Alex Txikon identified the bodies of both... Read More

new trailblazer packs | montane 15/03/2019
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Introducing the Trailblazer packs – designed for fast-paced mountain adventures.  Whether it be done-in-a-day summit missions or multi-day fastpacking adventures, the Trailblazer will keep you moving just beyond your max. ABOVE: TRAILBLAZER 30.  CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE INFO The innovative Montane® COVALENT harness delivers a customisable, body-hugging fit without restricting movement.  Available in 3 sizes; 18, 30 & 44L with ample storage capacity and a multitude of pockets, they offer easy access to hydration, food and essential kit while on the move. Features include: Composite construction; 210 D base panels, 70 D main body,... Read More


Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi Search Ends

It is with great regret we report that Montane athlete and British mountaineer Tom Ballard and his Italian climbing partner Daniele Nardi have lost their lives whilst climbing Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. A rescue mission was launched on Wednesday 27th February after the Base Camp team had no contact with the pair since Sunday 24th February. Their last known position was somewhere around 6400m. Severe weather conditions, regional political tension and high avalanche risk over the past week hampered search efforts. Early on Thursday, 7th March, another expedition team lead... Read More