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2019 spine challenger kit list | montane 21/01/2019
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Montane Athlete Jen Scotney finished the 2019 Montane Spine Challenger in 3rd place.  Here she talks through her kit selection. Click here to read Jen’s SPINE CHALLENGER report The challenge of this race was clearly the wet, wild, cold weather, with only one chance to pick up dry kit at Hebden. The outstanding piece of kit for me was my Prismatic Jacket – I put it on under my Spine Jacket when I was cold at 30 miles and it was instance warmth. It then kept me warm and dry... Read More

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When is a DNF (Did Not Finish) acceptable for you? What red lines have to be crossed before you can make that decision to pull out of a race without regrets? For me, I usually think it would be an injury that could impact on future races, or create long term difficulties if I carried on, that would make the decision for me. That would be acceptable in my mind to pull out and mentally know it just couldn’t have carried on. A sensible, even if still disappointing, DNF. But... Read More

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He’s had a tough year for running, with things not going his way, so it was such a relief to get that result of second overall and first vet. I’ll forgive him for the demands and orders he barked from the sofa that night, with ‘I ran too you know’ being muttered under my breath only a couple of times! But a positive is despite the 40 miles and 6800ft of ascent I wasn’t stiff or too tired after the race. I think I finished 27th -top third, and so yes, I... Read More

jen scotney cappadocia ultra aftermath | Montane 01/11/2018
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I finished in just under 9 and half hours. Amazing that Marcus had done that 4 hours quicker and then gone on to the second loop. I got my medal and fleece. I then got chatting to a English runner Jaqui who had finished just before me, and I saw that Marcus was second at last checkpoint which was a great result if he could hold it. It got dark and began to rain as I waited for him, and shared his joy as he crossed the line. 1  TRAINING ... Read More

jen scotney races the cappadocia ultra | montane 31/10/2018
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We set off with the 120km runners and wound up through the steep streets out of the town. I had actually started nearish the front so a few people were coming past me, yet I was going past others that walked the hill. We soon turned off the road and started the next 39 miles of dusty winding trails which made for an absolutely stunning race. There were a few bottlenecks at canyons at the start but otherwise, I got into my rhythm, plodding along, waiting for the first of... Read More

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The second part of this year has been a lesson in patience, in moderation for me, in realising I’m not as invincible as a couple of good races can make me feel. I had always said 2018 would be about the Northern Traverse and it was, and thinking I would want a break from running and training after that I had said no more races for 2018. 1  TRAINING          2  NERVES          3  THE RACE          4  AFTERMATH Had. As... Read More

jen scotney pre-race nerves cappadocia ultra | montane 02/10/2018
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Marcus says I’m an anxious traveller and maybe I am a bit; I don’t like all the stages of air travel and a full day to travel there, and one on the way back, seems a lot when days off are precious. I also had an important Parole Hearing for work on the day I got back. This one was 170 miles away and for a young person I have represented for 10 years. My work still means something to me, even if I find my focus elsewhere at times.... Read More


Jen Scotney Vlog 5 – October Training

October saw Jen complete over 44,000ft of ascent in 251miles of training for the Montane Spine Challenger Race in January. Wet and windy conditions can’t stop the determined Jen smashing out some great runs, highlights include: Edale Skyline (plus extra miles on Win Hill) Recce run 24miles of the Dark Peak 30 Dark Peaks 30 Ultra (4th Female) Jen Scotney is a Montane Ambassador. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


Jen Scotney Vlog 4 – OMM

Montane Athlete Jen Scotney took part in the Long Score at the Lake District OMM as part of her training for the Montane Spine Challenger race in January 2018. In the latest vlog Jen and her husband Marcus take you along on this windy and wet weekend of racing. Jen is wearing the Spine jacket, the Fireball Verso Pull-On, and using the VIA Dragon 20 pack.    

Montane Athlete Marcus Scotney's Cappadocia Ultra blog 30/11/2018
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As I ascended the final big climb there was the distant rumble of thunder and dark menacing clouds signalled the arrival of thunderstorms. The rumbles of thunder became more frequent, and as I ran across the top of the exposed hill drops of rain began to fall, cooling me down. The storm appeared to be clinging to the hillside on the opposite side of the valley which I had been running over only a few hours ago.  More thunder.  Would I be caught in the storm? Abruptly the route of... Read More