Minimus Stretch Ultra Review

Montane Ambassador Hannah Campbell from TheFeralLady puts our mountain trail running waterproof jacket through its paces in preparation for Winter.

Over the past few months, Hannah has been using her Minims Stretch Ultra jacket almost continuously for over three months thanks to the overly accommodating British ‘Summer’. Included in this was a near solid 14 hours at the 2019 Montane Lakeland 50.

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“A fantastic Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket from Montane. A reliable waterproof jacket that’s been tailored to fast-paced mountain activities.”

She found the host of technical and running-specific features such as the wire-peaked adjustable hood and mesh-lined pockets (complete with a hole for your headphones) complemented more passive technologies such as its lightweight 20d Pertex Shield fabric to create an immensely comfortable and useable running waterproof jacket.

minimus stretch ultra waterproof jacket review | montane
Hannah completed the Montane Lakeland 50 with a time of 14:45.

“I have worn this jacket in the torrential rain for 14 hours (thank you Lakeland) and I was comfortable all day – likewise, I have also been in situations where I’ve whipped it on and off in between showers and even with wet skin, it isn’t a battle to get it on.”

The Minimus Stretch Ultra’s lightweight fabric and simple, intuitive design makes it not only easy to use and comfortable to wear but also immensely packable. In fact, Hannah was able to stuff her jacket AND waterproof overtrousers into the jacket’s stuff pocket (an excellent idea!)

Above all, and something important when considering a running waterproof jacket for long endurance running – is that it is comfortable enough to be worn for a long time. Hannah also found it held up well against the abrasive punishment of running packs, yet lightweight enough to be used as a pseudo-windproof too!

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