TORX: Day 4

A day of seconds

Oliviero Bosatelli wins his second TOR with a time of 72:37:13, whilst Montane Athlete Galen Reynolds finishes soon after for his second second-place finish at 77:06:12.

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Bosatelli crossed the line today at the age of 50 and having only started trail running relatively recently. In doing so he has joined a very elite club of people who have won the TOR twice. So elite, in fact, only Franco Collé has replicated the feat .

galen reynolds finishes 2nd tdg | montane

4 1/2 hours later Galen crossed the line. Unable to make up the lost time from Bosatelli’s big push the previous evening, he was able to not concede any more time, managing to finish 2 hours ahead of third place.

Galen Reynolds 2nd 2019 Tor des geants | montane

Meanwhile, Kevin Hadfield pushed into 19th place, finishing in 94:15:57. Tom Hollins has fallen back to 45th place, but his pace remains steady and is looking to finish tomorrow morning.

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For more info about this years’ TOR click the link below
tor des geants 10th anniversary kit list | montane

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