PROJECT 321: TIM’S DIARY 06-13.05.19

Tim begins his big push towards Nuptse

project 321 montane


08:45  So … now that the ropes have been fixed to The South Col it’s time for teams to start establishing C3 and their S Col camps. But not yet, as the weather has put things on hold for the moment.  Tents, gas, food, oxygen, stoves, and equipment will be ferried up the Lhotse Face whilst team members complete their second rotation or, if they’ve done that already, they’ll be resting up.  Once the winds above the S Col abate the fixing team will endeavour to get the ropes in to the top and then we’re ready for summits.

BUT that relies on people being in the right place at the right time, logistics in order, Climbing Sherpas rested, weather playing ball etc etc.


11:44  EBC 2 Upper C2 in just over 5hrs. Resting up tomorrow & then the fun begins. Probably looking at some fixing action 9th & 10th. I’ll keep y’all posted.


13:38  We had to break trail to Nuptse C3 yet again … there & back! Fixed to 7,070m. Hoped for more but the schlep in took around 4hrs! Resting 2moro.


12:30  Arrived Nuptse C3 in 3.5hrs. Hard going but we’ve got the tent set up and cookers on. Snowing a little … we’ll see what tomorrow brings. How exciting!

07:44  Myself & my 2 Climbing Sherpas breaking trail for 5th time to Nuptse C3. This time we’re staying there. More fixing tomorrow ready for 13th / 14th.


12:23  A hard day. Got to within a stone’s throw of the top … if you can heft a stone a few hundred metres that is. Good news for 2moro is we travel light.

03:03  It’s a magnificent morning here at Nuptse C3. Just finishing brekkers then it’s time to do some more rope fixing. Will report in later.


15:00  Plan B.  Pertemba & I went up the ropes and I fixed a couple of hundred metres. Weather was a bit mixed. Tomorrow we try to finish the job.

03:00  Probably too much for two of us to fix today so we’ll just see how much painfully slow progress we can make

project 321 | montane
project 321 | montane

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