PROJECT 321: TIM’S DIARY 21.04.-28.04.19


05:58  I think this lot should suffice for a couple of nights on the hill.  On the hill we often suffer from a loss of appetite which is perverse when we’re burning so much energy. So I tend to go for snacks rather than meals.

project 321 | montane

13:28  After a mostly cloudy day we’ve just been granted a final glimpse of Nuptse.  Great views … but it’s chuffing freezing.  Time for dinner and then bed.

project 321 | montane


07:47  What do you do on a rest day when you’re at Everest Base Camp? Well, it starts with a shower and some laundry followed by a 1hr walk to the local village for a bowl of tomato egg drop soup and a change of scene… And some WiFi so I can FaceTime home. I’m sure you’ll have heard that the internet reception at Base Camp is utterly shocking and, given the cost, verging on criminal.

project 321 | montane

Whilst I’ve made this journey many many times I’m still watching the sky and the mountains as they change their mood and character. This place is utterly amazing and impressive in its majesty.

09:37  And now for a stroll back to EBC … in the snow with no views.  What a difference only a few hours can bring… I’m guessing my laundry won’t have dried out!

project 321 | montane

13:27  I can’t seem to share or repost an update from Garrett Madison. But it would appear that there was a snow bridge collapse / crevasse fall in The Western Cwm today between C1 and C2.  Quick action and some tech knowledge meant that the person was hoiked out ok.  But just beware in The Western Cwm especially with the recent snow we’ve been having.

18:15  Going on the hill for a few nights. Probably 1 night at C1 and 3 nights at C2.

project 321 | montane

Good for acclimatisation and a great chance to start ferrying some loads with my Sherpas for the first instalment of PROJECT 321.  I’ll report back in when I’m down.


06:34  Made it to C1 in 3hrs 18! Hardly any traffic & great conditions. Now chilling. Aiming for C2 tomorrow. Lhotse face looking nice & white.


10:40  Resting up in C2 situated st 6,413m. Route out of C1 tricky in places so queues anticipated on busy days. Here for 3 nights weather permitting. All good.


10:07  Great night at C2 so schedule changing slightly. Going for a recce early in the morn with a Climbing Sherpa then down to EBC to rest up for a few days.


07:10  Great recce with Pertemba this morn. Dar Tuk just arrived C2 so we’re carrying loads tomorrow morn … and then to EBC afternoon. Flexibility is the key!


21:49  Load carrying with Pertemba and Dar Tuk earlier today.

Project 321 | Montane

Pertemba and I had recce’d the route the day before but high winds had blown the trail away or filled in the tracks so I had to do it all over again.  It was the first time the guys had moved together roped up and each and every one of us managed to find a snow-covered crevasse of some sort and plunge a leg through to the icy depths below. But with great rope management, it was all safe and they realised the importance of keeping the rope snug and being attentive. After the 6 hr round trip we had a quick lunch at C2 and then dropped down to EBC where we’re resting up for a few days.

They were very complimentary of the pace I managed to set which was very kind of them.


06:54  A serac fall from the left swept debris straight across the route from C1 to C2 in the Western Cwm.

project 321 | montane

And that, folks, is why you should never wear headphones when you’re traveling in an area where there’s potential objective danger; if you can’t hear the creaks, groans, and rumbles around you, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

08:39  Awesome views from our load carrying venture yesterday. We’re looking over towards the Lhotse Face from a different angle than is usually the case for most folk.  The summit of Lhotse is to the right, the Geneva Spur is just left of centre and The South Col just left of that. Everest is off to the left out of the picture.

project 321 | montane


project 321 | montane
project 321 | montane

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