Launched at the 2019 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival in March, the new initiative dovetails in where MEND OUR MOUNTAINS left off, extending its core tenets of conservation, preservation-through-activation, and environmental compassion from the summit to the sea.

bmc hills 2 oceans | montane

Where the most recent round of the ‘Mend our Mountains’ campaigns broke new ground in the ambition of preservative efforts towards how we interact with and preserve our environment for future generations, HILLS 2 OCEANS represents a sea-change in the holistic relationship between user and environment.  As such, the new initiative implores outdoor enthusiasts to think beyond their own environments and take an active interest in the overall wellbeing of the natural world.

Around 80% of all the debris in our oceans and seas originally comes from inland, according to estimates, so the BMC is asking all its members and the wider public to help reduce this amount by joining an existing litter pick or by organising their own.

There are a number of worthwhile cleanup events already happening around the country this year. To make it easier for you to find out about them, the BMC has brought all the details together in one place on their events calendar.

The BMC is also keen for members and the wider public to take the initiative and organise their own event. Whether you simply take a bag and a litter picker with you next time you go to your local crag or wish to arrange a clean-up event of the entire Pennine Way with your friends, family or local club, the BMC can help.

Details of how to arrange a successful event can be found HERE.


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