Time outdoors is precious, and moving quickly towards specific goals has become the best way to maximise this finite commodity.  Efficiency of movement is the key to unlocking hitherto out of reach summits, and the Trailblazer range of packs are perfect for exploiting brief windows of opportunity and help you push on, further. faster.

jenny tough fastpacking | montane

The rules have changed. A new style of enjoying the outdoors is emerging. Fastpacking, run-camping; it’s so new its terminology has yet to properly evolve. Whatever you call it, its philosophy of pushing hard to achieve a goal – whether it be a day-long summit push or multi-day mission – runs through the bones of these packs.  To further understand how Trailblazers can do this, we asked two experts.

Jenny Tough is an expedition runner, adventurer, filmmaker, and writer.  She is currently attempting to run across a mountain range on each continent and recently used a Trailblazer 30 amongst other Montane Fastpacking Essentials to cross the Southern Alps.  Running and camping along the 800km route – with 22,430m of ascent – in 22 days:



Jenny Tough Trailblazer | montane

The most important thing for me in a backpack is first of all the fit.  You need it to really fit well to prevent movement when running.  The Trailblazer 30’s adjustable back and harness system is great for holding loads close still.

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Intuitively placed and usefully sized pockets are also vital for keeping the things I need stowed safely, but close to hand.  This keeps me moving fast and reduces the need to stop, take off the pack and rummage around inside until its time to bed down.

The overall draw is its simplicity – a refined feature set used intelligently allows for an easy, reliable and inherently useable pack.  just what you need when pushing hard day after day.


MATT KEMP  –  Product Manager for Equipment:

matt kemp design manager | montane

The Trailblazer packs were born out of a recognition that there is a change to how people are approaching outdoor activities. There is a rapidly growing movement that is goal orientated, time focused and hard hitting… Moving fast paced in the mountains, achieving your goal within a shortened timeframe.

Recognising this change, we have designed the Trailblazer pack range.  With nothing else like it on the market they have a customisable body hugging harness for a close, secure fit, a mass of storage options, all accessible on the move allowing you to push hard, non-stop in the mountains to achieve your goals…

jenny tough fastpacking trailblazer 30 | montane

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