In fastpacking, the less you carry the further you travel and the faster you get there.  Jenny tough is an expert in packing JUST enough.

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Fastpacking is all about finding the balance between efficiency and utility.  It is important to ensure your kit remains lightweight without compromising safety, but also remember a modicum of comfort – used sparingly and strategically – will help you perform.

As mentioned previously, I tend to follow the rule that everything in my (preferably 25-30l) pack should fall into either; something edible, something to keep me alive, or a camera.

The specific items will change between climates, but my standard packing list looks like this:

  • Waterproof sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Down jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Merino wool base layers
  • Down booties (trust me, they are essential!)
  • Spare socks + underwear
  • Tuque + gloves
  • Trekking pants (for cold mornings)
  • Mini stove + food
  • Water system
  • Navigation system
  • Headtorch
  • Trekking poles*
  • Sunscreen, bio soap, toothbrush/paste, etc.
  • First aid kit**
  • Camera
  • Wearing: technical tee, shorts or tights, trucker hat, trail shoes

*Fully loaded with food and water, my pack can weigh around 10kg. That extra weight goes through my legs and feet, adding considerable strain bounding down a mountainside. Trekking poles spread the load, making your arms do some of the work.

**Duct tape and ibuprofen.

fast packing essentials | montane

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