The first day of the 2018 Montane Tor des Géants promises an exciting and action-packed race from the start!

#Tor18 – Start

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Posted by Tor des Geants on Sunday, 9 September 2018

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The start of the 2018 Montane Tor des Géants began under a sweltering midday Alpine sun.  Thousands of people flanked the first few kilometers of the course, from the streets of Courmayeur to the first challenging climb; a 2750m ascent to Colle d’Arp.  It was here where the ninth TOR saw the first competitor withdrawal – a regular occurrence at this early stage that is becoming something of an accidental tradition.

day one of the 2018 montane tour des geants

An exciting battle between the 3 course leaders – lead by Franco Colle – began to unfold, pressuring Colle to only stay 5 minutes at the first Life Station, after covering the first 50km in a blistering 7hrs 30mins.  Close on his heels were Gianluca Galeati and Peter keinzl.

The first three ladies to arrive at Life Station 1 were the Basque ultra runner Silvia Garrote – capitalising on course experience gained during previous expeditions – followed by Sonia Locatelli and Alexandra Rousset.

athletes climb on day one of the 2018 montane tour des geants

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Athlete Reviews

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