Montane Athlete Kouta Toriumi (JAP) stunned the ultra-endurance world recently by finishing 5th in the 2018 Montane Tor des Géants, despite being a relative newcomer to the sport.

kouta toriumi 5th finish tor des geants 2018 | Montane

How long have you been running?
I have been trail running for about six years.

What is it about Ultra/trail running you like?
I like ultra/trail running because I love the mountains.  Participating in races allows me to be fully immersed in these incredible environments, and the sensation of moving through them under my own steam is very satisfying.

How do you squeeze running into your life?
Like many, my top priority is my family, my job comes next, and then household chores. Thankfully, there is often space in between these obligations in which i can take myself off for a run.  It can be a struggle, but there is often a balance to be struck.

kouta toriumi finishes 5th as montane athlete 2018 tor des geants

What has drawn you to the Tor Des Geants?
The Alps are so unlike the mountains I am used to in Japan! The view from these huge mountains attracts me very much. The warm hospitality of organizing staff, volunTORs and people in the region make the race very well organised, but a pleasure to be a part of.

Did you change your approach to this year’s race after last years experience of it?
Same as last year. I did not change anything for this year.

What were the highlights of the race?
The aid stations are fantastic; well organised, staffed and provisioned.  Being able to refuel and recharge efficiently and comfortably was undoubtedly a primary cause of my good result.

kouta toriumi 2018 tor des geants | montanekouta toriumi 5th place 2018 tor des geants interview | Montane

Were there any low points?
I lost signs and wandered in the night of foreign trail – unfortunately easily done sometimes!

will you be back next year?!
Of course!

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