Twilight in the Peaks

Armed with only a camera and a Featherlite Smock Limited Edition, Brad Matthews and friends took to the dramatic hills of the southern Peak District.

featherlite smock limited edition at chrome hill | Montane

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A couple of days after a long weekend in Snowdonia, myself, Tom Kahler, Josh Kilby and Gee Milner decided to take advantage of the summer weather and head to one of the Peak District’s most epic landmarks for a sunset and blue hour shoot. From the French ‘l’heure bleue’,  the blue hour refers to the period of twilight in the morning or evening when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.  It makes for very dramatic shots, and with the weather being as predictably good as it has been this summer, we knew we’d get a lot of it.

My girlfriend and I arrived a little late and sprinted to Parkhouse Hill, adjacent to its popular big brother, Chrome Hill. With no time to spare walking the trail, we managed to scale the side of Parkhouse (a grade 1 scramble) just in time to catch the rest of the gang for the last moments of Sunset and into blue hour.

featherlite smock limited edition at chrome hill | Montane

It’s always a great experience revisiting places you’ve been before, but in a different weather condition, or with different people. You seem to see things differently with the influence of other photographers. Not to mention Gee modelling his Featherlite Smock Ltd Edition.  The easy grade 1 slopes of Chrome hill gave some great, dynamic running lines – though we steered clear of the SW ridge, which sports a couple of grade 3 routes we wouldn’t try without a rope (for more info see here).

featherlite smock limited edition at chrome hill | Montane

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