‘Scaling the Heights’ With Montane

Montane have proudly supported some of the most audacious and bold expeditions in the world.  We have teamed up with ‘Scaling the Heights’ for a series of climbs that, while small in stature, are ambitious in reach

Scaling the Heights is the product of 2 years of work between writer and academic Abbie Garrington, who specialises in mountaineering literature, and artist Stephen Livingstone.

The idea is to interest a diverse audience in mountaineering, climbing and adventuring through the history of its literature.  The core of the project centres on the reenactment of 10 historic Himalayan expeditions using a pair of vintage Action Man figures who climb the shelves of important mountaineering libraries and archives.  It is supported not only by Montane, but also by the Mountain Heritage Trust and funded by Durham University and Arts Council England.

So far they have climbed:

  • Mountain Heritage Trust archive
  • Chorley Hopkinson collection at Allan Bank (NT) in the Lake District
  • Alan Rouse Collection at Sheffield City Library
  • the National Library of Scotland’s Mountaineering and Polar Collection
  • Alpine Club’s library in London

With the Rock and Fell Club in the Lake District and the Geological Society and The Royal Geographic in London coming up this June.

Each climb is carefully researched and broken down into a series of 30 scenarios. The Action Men are posed on the library shelves and videoed from different angles – stills from the videos are used to make long fold out picture books for the exhibition. The Action Men, their clothing and equipment is all vintage 1960’s/70’s gear (apart from a few additional props) and reflects the periods we are dealing with (1924 – 1976).





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