April 2018

jon g 7in4 DENALI 21/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4 VIII: DENALI

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain in North America & was always going to be the crux of the entire project. Most people assume Everest would be but it’s not – especially when attempting Denali out of season! Exped dates – 21st March to 6th April Summit – 3rd April (Day 77 of Project 7in4!)’ It is highly regarded as one of the coldest & harshest mountains on earth. On top of this, we (Steve, Rob, Chris & myself)... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VI

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Today was tough! It started with a great 1.5 hour ski trek at which point the team arrived at a pressure ridge of ice rubble They got some elevation to try and look through and see the end and the huge boulders of blue ice went as far as the eye could see. They then spent a lot of the day skiing around this ridge over very rocky and uneven ground looking for a gap to pass through. ... Read More

jon g 7in4 ELBRUS 20/04/2018
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Jon Gupta’s 7in4 VII: ELBRUS

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> The brilliant Elbrus is regarded as the 2nd easiest of the 7 Summits (after Kilimanjaro) & is also the 3rd lowest (after Carstenz & Vinson). Expedition dates: March 9th – 16th, 2018 After a couple of weeks off in Australia (post-Carstenz) we began another huge flight link up from Sydney to Moscow & onwards to Min Vody. From here its a 3-hour drive to the tiny ski village of Cheget! Having been here 11 times before this was all very... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day V

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> It was another sunny and relatively warm day out there on the sea ice, a balmy -24°C (-11 °F ). Everyone was thankful to cover a lot of flat terrain today. The high- and low- light of the day was the crossing of an ice rubble field which involved lots of scrambling.  These traverses can be very hard work but the boulders are stunning blue ice and it is beautiful to be amongst them. Todays photo is a sea... Read More

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Everest I: To Base Camp

< Previous Page          Next Page > A characteristically fast insertion trek up to Base Camp provided a star-studded surprise. EVEREST DAY 1, 15-Apr-2018 It feels so good to be back in the Khumbu! After a few days rest in Kathmandu, today we got the small fixed-wing flight up to Lukla (2800m). I’ve done that flight a number of times now but the landing on the short inclined runway is always fun. After a quick breakfast in Lukla we hit the trail up to Namche. It is... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day IV

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Last night the team made a 4 km gain on the pole, thanks to the drifting sea ice! Unfortunately, they lost their gain by late afternoon after they had to do a very large diversion to the south around some ice rubble (probably there as a result of last nights shifting ice). Today was warm but with a bit of wind.  They are so acclimatised they didn’t even know what the temperature was! A spectacular moment of today... Read More

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  Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> “The expedition might be canceled, Sir”, and the most epic 4 hours of climbing during the Project so far!   Expedition dates: February 18th – 24th, 2018 The incredible CARSTENSZ PYRAMID is easily the least known on the 7 Summits, & by far the most technical. Soaring sharply up out of the jungles of West Papua (Indonesia) CP provided us with a wet, wild & remote rocky expedition! After another awful flight link up from Kilimanjaro to Bali, we... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day III

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Linsay Wilson, Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition Press Officer: ‘Due to a communication glitch, the team and I didn’t manage to speak on our scheduled call last night. I know you will be disappointed to hear this.  I hope we will be successful this evening in our communication.’ DAY 3 PHONECAST: IT issues continue to plague daily reports. Natasa (right) confidently rocking her Deep Heat jacket in -20 We are proud to have supported this expedition with highly specialised cold-weather polar clothing... Read More

jon g 7in4 KILIMANJRARO 16/04/2018

Jon Gupta’s 7in4 V: KILIMANJARO

Follow Jon’s Adventure <Previous Post         Next Post> A definite highlight for Jon, Kilimanjaro is his favourite mountain.  His 21st summit of the highest peak in Africa was nonetheless a special one; with perfect weather, his favourite route, and even romance! Expedition dates: February 12th – 15th, 2018 Riding high off our super fast summit success on the amazing Aconcagua we packed our bags & head off for number 3 of the 7 summits – Kilimanjaro. It’s no secret that I LOVE this mountain, this would be my 21st... Read More

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day II

Follow the team’s adventure <Previous Page          Next Page> Challenging days lie ahead for the team.  However, progress is being made both geographically and technologically, with more pictures and updates promised soon! On another stunning day on the arctic sea ice, the team have made their slow but steady way towards the pole, covering 9.5 km. The dramatic landscape of shifting ice and big chunks of blue ice is captivating them all. DAY 2 PHONECAST TRANSCRIPT: Hello from the JellyBear Tent! this is Esma, and Fritha.  So... Read More