Montane Team up with Melanie Windridge for ‘Science of Everest’


Montane has teamed up with Physicist and author Dr Melanie Windridge for her most ambitious project yet; reaching the tallest peak in the world whilst showcasing career options through the technology used to Summit.

The project, which is supported by the Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Chemistry, will run throughout 2018 with the summit attempt in April/May. As Melanie prepares for and scales the 8,848 meter summit, and faces the dangerous descent, she will explore how science and technology have made Everest – once the preserve of the world’s elite climbers – accessible to ordinary people.

She will examine how the human body can be trained to undergo feats of extreme endurance, and how to stack the odds of survival in your favour. As she heads higher, she’ll share stories of how new technology keeps us connected on the mountain, how meteorologists are getting better at spotting when extreme weather will strike, and how the molecules in clothing can be manipulated to keep in heat and keep out snow and wind. She will meet the doctors working at base camp and find out why the thin air around Everest’s summit makes helicopter rescue missions so dangerous.

Montane have partnered with this ambitious project, providing specialist clothing and equipment that she will use both during her ascent of the world’s tallest mountain, and exploring the science of what she is doing.

Melanie is working with the Institute of Physics to develop educational resources, run school workshops and deliver a lecture tour using the Science of the Summit theme to excite young people about the role of science in our lives and the possibilities of a career in science. There will be a particular focus on young women, with Melanie providing a strong female role model as both a scientist and adventurer. This will be supported by a broader media campaign to raise awareness of science and science careers to the public.

See below for her most recent video, hosted by the Institute of Physics Youtube channel.

Melanie is wearing a beacon which updates her position in near real-time on Everest – follow her progress here:


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