Jon Gupta’s 7in4 III: ACONCAGUA 1

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A long walk and a lot of acclimatisation were required to get near enough for a dash to South America’s tallest peak.  They found solitude and surprisingly good food.

MOUNTAIN #2 in the 7 Summits Project
EXPED DATES: 22nd – 27th January, 2018

Steve & I meet up in Mendoza on the 19th January & went straight out for a massive steak & red wine! (of course). Steve recounted his amazing experience on Mt Vinson & we talked excitedly about the next 3 months ahead!

Steves aim was always to try & do the 7 Summits pretty low key, just some friends, no fuss, moving fast in the mountains.  Not being on guided commercial expeditions. Due to the nature of Vinson, going guided was the only option & whilst it was clear he’d loved it, the general walking speed had clearly frustrated him (he is normally very fast!). Knowing that we were now free to walk at our own speed & work to an itinerary that suited our bodies, being entirely flexible & responsive to how we were feeling was a huge relief to Steve.

The scene was set. We were psyched!

Day 1 / 22nd Jan- After faffing around with mules, bags etc we hit the trail & stretched the legs, marching off into the Aconcagua National Park. We leisurely dispatched the 7.5km to Camp Confluencia in about 1hr 20min. It felt wonderful to be back.

Day 2 / 23rd Jan – This day is a little longer but incredibly beautiful. The trail was empty apart from some mules moving climbing gear & after approx 17km & 4 hours walking we arrived at Plaza de Mulas Basecamp at 4350m & were greeted by the lovely staff of Inka.

Day 3 / 24th Jan – Feeling great we went for a wander up to Camp 1 (Canada) at around 5000m. The weather was perfect so we mooched along to 5200m before racing down the scree shoot back to camp for dinner…& red wine. (They serve red wine with dinner as standard – amazing!)

Day 4 / 25th Jan – After breakfast, we took off with big bags with the aim of dropping some supplies at Camp 2, 5550m (Nido). Retracing our steps we quickly arrived at Camp 1 after 1 hour 30 mins, took a short break and carried on to Camp 2. Again the weather was amazing & we felt great so after dropping our loads we carried on up to Berlin Camp at 5993m before descending back to basecamp for dinner…& red wine.

Day 5 / 26th Jan – We took a rest day. Dinner…& red wine.

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