Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VIII

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The team arrived safely at the North Pole just before 1900 on the 21st April 2018.

Having skied just over 80 km the previous 7 days and with a particularly grueling last leg the team arrived tired but in good spirits.  They were met by their sponsor Eugene Kaspersky who flew out by helicopter to meet and celebrate with them at the top of the world.

Everyone was delighted to be reunited with Saudi teammate Mariam who flew out to the North on the helicopter with Eugene. It was an emotional reunion.

The team have now flown back to Barneo ice camp which is 45 km from the pole and tomorrow they will fly back to Longyearbyen.

Natasa (right) confidently rocking her Deep Heat jacket in -20

We are proud to have supported this expedition with highly specialised cold-weather polar clothing that is uncompromisingly well suited to the harsh environment they are operating in.

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