Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VII

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Almost there!

It was a warm and balmy day on the Arctic sea ice today at -9 °C / -16 °F.  Really soggy, slushy snow to ski through and lots of frozen leads to cross.

Today has been the first day when the drift has stopped. The ice is no longer helping them along to the pole and every inch of progress was under their own steam. They are still on the move tonight seeing how close they can get, but they are very tired after a long day and expect to camp soon.

Tomorrow could be the day!

Daily phone cast from the ice can be found along with the latest Tweets and posts on the Expedition_LIVE page of the website:

Natasa (right) confidently rocking her Deep Heat jacket in -20

We are proud to have supported this expedition with highly specialised cold-weather polar clothing that is uncompromisingly well suited to the harsh environment they are operating in.

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