Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day VI

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Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition day 6

Today was tough!

It started with a great 1.5 hour ski trek at which point the team arrived at a pressure ridge of ice rubble They got some elevation to try and look through and see the end and the huge boulders of blue ice went as far as the eye could see.

They then spent a lot of the day skiing around this ridge over very rocky and uneven ground looking for a gap to pass through.  They found an OK place and hoped at the possibility of getting through.  It was an exhausting and dangerous ice portage as there were big holes between the massive boulders. Each team member helped to haul, lift and pass sledges, skis and poles along to the next team member in a human chain. They broke through to open ground at 1730 and there were so thrilled with their achievement they celebrated with huge grins, high fives and hugs.

They only made 7 km towards the north pole today but they all feel so proud of what they have achieved due to the conditions.

It has been a windy and overcast day, but not so cold.

Tent life has grown an added dimension as the team have started to barter for their favourite foods. Chiken tikka is as rare as hens teeth and Beef stew has a high bargaining value! Felicity bartered for macaroni cheese tonight and was delight with her dinner.

Update on Mariam; she is doing really well and recovering still at Barneo.

Natasa (right) confidently rocking her Deep Heat jacket in -20

We are proud to have supported this expedition with highly specialised cold-weather polar clothing that is uncompromisingly well suited to the harsh environment they are operating in.

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