Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day II

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Challenging days lie ahead for the team.  However, progress is being made both geographically and technologically, with more pictures and updates promised soon!

On another stunning day on the arctic sea ice, the team have made their slow but steady way towards the pole, covering 9.5 km. The dramatic landscape of shifting ice and big chunks of blue ice is captivating them all.



Hello from the JellyBear Tent! this is Esma, and Fritha.  So we are actually eating our dinner… Today we had a really good day… It was a bright sunny day… right now we have -20.  It was a very very good day, and we’ll keep you posted tomorrow!

We are trying to overcome some IT logistics to get photos and live ice updates onto the websites and social media.  Please bear with us, there will be more soon including daily phone casts from the ice and the latest Tweets and posts on the Expedition_LIVE page of the website:

Natasa (right) confidently rocking her Deep Heat jacket in -20

We are proud to have supported this expedition with highly specialised cold-weather polar clothing that is uncompromisingly well suited to the harsh environment they are operating in.

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