Euro-Arabian Polar Expedition: Day I

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An all-female team of explorers – lead by ex-Team Montane Athlete – intend to ski to the Geographic North Pole in a bid to raise environmental, political and social awareness.


A big hello from the sea ice of the frozen arctic ocean! We finally made it! it was a pretty incredible journey to get here: we were on standby from 11 o’clock at night yesterday, and then we were summoned to the airport from Nonuven, and flown in a Russian Antonov aircraft to a runway just about a degree away – 100km away – from the North Pole.  So we could see the sea ice – it was incredible to look out the plain and see it.  And from there we were flown by helicopter from Barneo the runway to a drop-off point where we started our expedition.  it was pretty something to see when we got dropped off; all the pressure ridges and rubble that had looked like tiny little web lines from the air suddenly took on a new scale once we were on the ground with them. We have been navigating through the pressure ridges and other obstacles.  we crossed our first frozen lead today, and its all pretty exciting.  So we are absolutely chuffed to bits.  We’ve made 10km today, even though we’ve not had any sleep in 36hrs now.  So there are a lot of happy people sitting in nice warm tents right now on the sea ice of the arctic ocean.

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