March 2018


Montane Welcome new Brand Ambassador

Marie in her Phoenix Jacket and Resolute Beanie Introducing new Montane Brand Ambassador Marie.  You may already recognise her from our new VIA Trail Series imagery.  Marie’s outdoor interests are varied, allowing her to get the most out of any given day in the Alps around Chamonix where she lives, or further afield for more extreme adventures: ‘I have a big year ahead; more ice climbing whilst the ice still holds, ultra marathons when the weather improves, and I’m planning a big climbing project in South America in November. Montane clothing offers me... Read More


Jernleden Recce: The Iron Trail

  John Bamber is an old friend of Montane, and a highly accomplished Polar Explorer in his own right. He recently undertook a mini-expedition to Arctic Sweden to support Phil and Scott’s Lake Baikal World Record Attempt, and scope out routes for an audacious route for a number of new races the pair are thinking about. Fancy a trip to Arctic Sweden? Obvious answer is yes. When the question is from Phil and Scott the RD’s of the Montane Spine Race then the why/what for has to be interesting. “Bring... Read More

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Elbrus II: The Summit

< Previous Page          Next Page > Waking up in the early hours this morning and having to duck outside to the outhouse, I questioned if the weather forecast had got it completely wrong. Today was our planned summit day and it was meant to be clear with light winds. It was clear, a brilliant night sky full of stars, but the strong winds were persisting. Could make for an interesting day. We had a few hours till we planned to leave so I jumped back in... Read More

minimus stretch ultra | montane 14/03/2018

Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket ‘Most Flexible’ in Backpacker Gear Test

Our Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket rose above 145 other products to be awarded the title of ‘Most Flexible’ in Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Guide this month. The jacket was put through its paces by testers in a variety of scenarios in a variety of environments, from navigating boulders in Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness, to scaling the cliffs of Australia’s Murramarang National Park.  A particular hit with testers were the Minimus Stretch’s cuffs, which extend over the backs of the hands for extra drip protection, with one particularly long-armed tester remarking ‘No... Read More

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Elbrus I: Acclimatisation

< Previous Page          Next Page > Can They Make It Any More Difficult? Given the complexities of the Russian visa application process, you could be forgiven for thinking they don’t want any visitors… Ok, so I can hear you saying, “Why weren’t you more organized and apply for the visa before you started the trip, rather than leaving it till the last minute?” Well, that again comes down to their regulations. You see, for Australians, you can’t apply for a Russian visa until you are within... Read More

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Tom Ballard: Cerro Torre II

Continue Tom’s Patagonian adventure: Cerro Torre I          Cerro Torre III          Cerro Torre IV   Patience is a Virtue That’s been our problem, the wind. Patience… Waiting for ‘weather windows’ down in the ‘mini Cham’ of El Chalten is too good a thing really. You can go for a beer or a coffee and catch up on social media before heading to the crags or bountiful boulders. I started out my climbing ‘career’ way back when I was a nipper, bouldering. I haven’t done much... Read More

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Kosciuszko I: Kosciuszko Summit Wheelchair Challenge

< Previous Page          Next Page > Why Kosciuszko? Ok, so the first question is, “Why climb Kosciuszko? Doesn’t that make eight summits?” Well yes, it does make eight 7 Summits which granted, doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it all comes down to the definition of a continent. There are geographical continents defined by landmass on a single tectonic plate, there are political continents defined but country borders, and a whole lot of other variations. When it comes to the 7 Summits, there are actually... Read More

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#MYMONTANE Competition launched!

Tell us the stories you’ve shared with Montane equipment or clothing for a chance to win £150 worth of Montane kit. We are with you not just for the summit, but the slog, the race not just the finish.  Every time you thought it was too wet, windy or cold to step out but did so anyway. Every time you committed to a line and every time you failed until you succeeded. We are as much a part of your story as you are ours. To commemorate 25 years pushing... Read More