Andy Kirkpatrick: WHAT HAVE I LEARNED? A Higher Education

Andy Kirkpatrick is a man who needs little introduction.  An outdoor antihero with a penchant for the longest and coldest ascents in the world.  His motivations are famously introspective, climbing to push internal barriers instead of for glory or conquest.

Kicking off on Friday 02 Feb, the 29-date speaking tour in which the man described as ‘The Ranulph Fiennes of British climbing’ by the BBC’s John Humphrys shares the lessons he has learned from forty years in the vanguard of Big Wall climbing.  Andy talks entertainingly about life, love, death, and the un-glamorous realities of forging your own path through his unique prism of experience.

‘A Higher Education’ promises to provide a unique insight into the mind of one of the country’s most preeminent explorers of the vertical world.

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02.02.18    Poole
06.02.18    Milton Keynes
07.02.18     Andover
08.02.18    Exeter
09.02.18    Falmouth
10.02.18     Aberwystwyth
11.02.18     Caaernarfon
12.02.18     Brecon
13.02.18     Malvern
14.02.18     Chester
18.02.18     Lincoln
19.02.18     Gateshead
21.02.18     Leeds
24.02.18     Derby
02.03.18     Jersey
04.03.18     Chesterfield
05.03.18     Penrith
07.03.18     Oban
08.03.18     Glasgow
10.03.18     Aberdeen
11.03.18     Inverness
12.03.18     Salford
13.03.18     Lancaster
14.03.18     Radlett
15.03.18     Horsham
16.03.18     Chelmsford
20.03.18     Cheltenham
02.04.18     Dublin
03.04.18     Inverness

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