Race: Montane Tor des Géants

Confirmed leaderboard:


  • 1st = Javi Dominguez (ES) 67:52:15 [new course record]
  • 2nd = Oliviero Bosatelli (IT) 69:16:19
  • 3rd = Andrea Macchi (IT) 74:51:14


  • 1st = Lisa Borzani (IT) 89:40:24
  • 2nd = Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (ES) 97:43:06
  • 3rd = Marina Plavan (IT) 106:29:21







Montane TDG Day 6, Col Malatrà. Image by Stefano Jeantet

The Montane Tor des Géants drew to a triumphant close on Sunday 17 September 2017 with the finish of the final competitor, Malaysia’s Seow Kong Ng in 152:40:29.

Welcomed back to Courmayeur with flags, standing ovations, music, dancing, films, photography and more, competitors reunited with families and friends and took in the heady atmosphere of celebration. The official post-race party wrapped up a TDG that united 67 nationalities worldwide, over 850 competitors and approximately 2,000 Volontors.

In true testament to the brutal nature of the 205 mile / 330km course, this year’s race recorded 461 finishers and 406 withdrawals – a 47% retirement rate.

On day 5 of the TDG, we welcomed #TeamMontane racer Kota Toriumi across the finish line and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Kevin Hadfield. Stepping back to day 6 (Friday 15 September), let’s find out the progress of the rest of #TeamMontane over the weekend.

Montane TDG Day 6, Col Malatrà. Image by Stefano Jeantet

Friday 15 September (TDG day 6)

On day 5, we left Kevin at Bosses at 21:29, running overnight towards Rifugio Frassati (197 miles / 317.4km). Arriving there at 02:29, he needed to overcome the final hurdle of the 2,936m of Col Malatrà before the descent to Courmayeur. Reaching Rifugio Bertone at 08:16, the finish line was in sight and he crossed at 09:05 on Friday morning in a total time of 118:45:00 and in 102nd place. Watch the live video of him crossing the finish line on Montane’s facebook page.

Next due in was Brit #TeamMontane runner Debbie Martin-Consani. On day 5, she clocked out of Ollomont at 23:21. Motoring on to Bosses at 07:10 on day 6, about 4.5 hours later, she had reached Rifugio Frassati. At 16:44, she had conquered Col Malatrà and arrived at Rifugio Bertone, ultimately crossing the finish line at 17:52 on day 6 in 127:32:59 in 18th position in the ladies category. Perhaps more impressive however, is the fact that Debbie ran for nearly 98 hours longer than she has ever run before in one go.

#TeamMontane’s Debbie Martin-Consani towards the end of the TDG, day 6. Image by Pierre Lucianaz

The final #TeamMontane athlete to cross the finish line was Stefano Gregoretti. Having reached Oyace at the end of day 5, by 09:58 on day 6, he was leaving the Ollomont lifestation. Bosses came next at 17:54, followed by Rifugio Frassati at 21:37. He ascended Col Malatrà overnight, reaching Rifugio Bertone at 04:53 on day 7, crossing the finish line at 06:49 in a total time of 140:29:53 in 262nd place.

Montane TDG Day 6, Col Malatrà. Image by Stefano Jeantet

Race: Montane Tot Dret

Confirmed leaderboard:


  • 1st = Cesare Clap (IT) 24:15:11 [new course record]
  • 2nd = Gianluca Cami (IT) 25:19:54
  • 3rd = Jarno Venturini (IT) 26:19:28


  • 1st equal = Giuditta Tiruni (IT) 28:51:00
  • 1st equal = Tatiana Locatelli (IT) 28:51:00
  • 3rd = Guendalina Sibona (IT) 34:19:16






Ahead of the close of the Montane Tor des Géants, on Saturday 16 September, the Montane Tot Dret was celebrating the arrival of its final competitors, Michel Breuvé and Claudia Artaz, in to Courmayeur in times of 43:24:25 and 43:24:29 respectively.

Guiditta Tiruni and Tatiana Locatelli crossing the Tot Dret finish line in 1st=. Image by Roberto Roux

On day 2 (Thursday 14 September), all three spots on the podium had been filled and the leading ladies were due for arrival in the early hours of day 3. At 01:51 on day 3, Guiditta Turini and Tatiana Locatelli crossed the finish line together, claiming 1= in a time of 28:51:00. The pair also finished in 4= in the overall rankings. The next lady to arrive was Guendalina Sibona in 3rd at 07:19 and in a total time of 34:19:16

Out of the original 298 competitors, 86 made it to Courmayeur, with 212 (over 70% of the field) withdrawing. The Tot Dret may be shorter than the TDG, but no means should be under-estimated!


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Montane Tor des Géants

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Montane Tot Dret

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