Date: Tuesday 12 September 2017

Race leaderboard at the start of day 3:


  • 1st = Franco Collé (IT)
  • 2nd = Javi Dominguez (ES)
  • 3rd = Oliviero Bosatelli (IT)


  • 1st = Lisa Borzani (IT)
  • 2nd = Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (ES)
  • 3rd = Stephanie Case (PL)






Montane TDG Day 3, Rifugio della Barma. Image by Pierre Lucianaz

Day 3 of the Montane Tor des Géants (TDG) is when predictions for the leaderboard start to become more accurate. It is usually the day that the first runner is in sight of the finish in Courmayeur.
From the valley at Donnas (330m), the terrain is more undulating. Peaks are closer together than previously, with the final ascent, Col Malatra (2,936m) as the sting in the tail before a gradual descent towards the finish back at Courmayeur.

Race leaders

Setting a blistering, record-breaking pace at the end of day 2, the race leaders, Collé and Dominguez, continue to battle on day 3. Dominguez had finished the day 2 ahead and looked set to carry on in 1st. He did not reckon on Collé or the brutal route. Collé, in a bid to regain his lead, spent just over 10 minutes in the Gressoney-St-Jean lifestation, pushing on past Dominguez. His charge sees him arrive at the Ollomont lifestation (178 miles / 287.2km) at an incredible 16:41. Dominguez arrives at 19:43, 3 hours later. Collé is on track to absolutely smash the standing course record set by Iker Karrera (ES) of 70 hours. Can he keep it going?

In third position, Peter Kienzl (IT) met his match on day 2 at Champorcher, retiring from the race. With more withdrawals in the chasing group, last year’s winner, Oliviero Bosatelli (IT) remains. From the timings, the experienced Italian seems to be closing in on Dominguez. Could there be a major upset in race rankings to come?

Lisa Borzani still dominates the women’s race and her lead is growing. On day 3 she arrives at Gressoney-St-Jean at 08:35 in 13th position overall. Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote clocks in at 13:02 – Borzani has a lead of roughly 4.5 hours. The end of day 3 sees her reach Valtournenche at 18:18. Trigueros Garrote is recorded in the previous checkpoint, Champoluc, at 18:56. In 3rd place on day 2, Raffaella Miravalle was holding firm until Cogne, when Stephanie Case overtook her. Case has not looked back since.

Montane TDG Day 3, Donnas lifestation. Image by Giacomo Buzio

#TeamMontane competitors

Our first #TeamMontane racer, Kota Toriumi, was placed 27th at the end of day 2, having reached La Sassa. His times are steady, if not improving as the race continues. He makes Gressoney-St-Jean at 11:23 on day 3, taking a longer break there in contrast to previous lifestation stops. The rest obviously works as he powers on to Valtournenche, arriving at 22:53 for a short break before heading on. He is currently in 21st place.

Petra Mücková was recorded in 15th in the women’s category at the end of day 2 making Champorcher. The Donnas lifestation comes next at 01:30 on day 3. Her strong pace has come at a cost however, as she takes a longer break in Donnas, leaving at 06:36. At the end of day 3 she arrives at Niel (120 miles / 192.9km) at 19:55, regaining her faster pace. She is currently in 12th position in the women’s race.

#TeamMontane’s US athlete Kevin Hadfield ran overnight between Champorcher and Donnas, arriving at 01:52 in 134th place, just behind Petra, who impressively caught up with him. He too took a longer break at Donnas, leaving at 06:33. The difference in strategies between Kevin and Petra is apparent at this point – Petra is taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach, while Kevin’s pace is more measured. He reaches Niel at 21:05 in 137th position.

Debbie Martin-Consani also ran overnight between Champorcher and Donnas, arriving at Donnas at 04:17 in 17th place in the women’s category on day 3. Taking a shorter break, she leaves Donnas at 07:39, reaching Niel at 23:59, having steadily climbed from 17th to 16th position.

Finally Stefano Gregoretti was headed towards Champorcher at the end of day 2 in 173th position. Arriving there at 00:06 at the start of day 3, he reported “lots of wind” from the top of the Fenêtre de Champorcher. He arrives at Donnas at 05:03, recharging and leaving at 09:01. By the end of day 3 at 18:12 he has made Rifugio della Barma (111 miles / 178km) in 184th place.

At the end of day 3, the course is taking its toll as 685 remain in race, 182 withdrawals.

Petra Mücková at Rifugio della Barma. Image by Pierre Lucianaz

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