“Classic powerstretch fleece pull-over with flip-over gloves! Those should be standard on everything.”

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This year’s edition of the Tor Des Geants was a bit too warm for this piece. I carried the Allez Micro Hoodie for all but the final 50K of the race due to lighter weight and pack ability. I wore the Dragon Pull-On from Refugio Frassati to the finish. This section of the course is generally cold and sometimes holds snow closer to Col Malatra. While up high, this piece was great for medium-high intensity effort. Ambient temperature was ~40-45*F (4-8*C) with a light breeze, there had been light rain from St. Rhemy-En Bosses to Refugio Frassati. I wore the Dragon over a Sonic Zip-T and had no issues with overheating until I approached Courmayeur. The temperature at the finish line was ~65*F (16*C) which was excessively hot for this piece to be used during moderate activity.

Recommendations/Feedback: The Dragon will be a vital piece of my winter running kit and it will serve as a great layering piece during alpine days. I really like it due to the mitt upgrade on a classic quarter zip fleece. Cut/Fit is great for me too.

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