April Fool’s Day is a peculiar day. People and organisations fall over themselves to concoct the most elaborate and / or believable hoax. Top corporate generated wind-ups include the BBC’s Swiss Spaghetti Harvest (1957) and the more recent Flying Penguins (2008, again by the BBC). We at Montane are no different and enjoy a good prank just as much as anyone else – leading to the April Fool’s idea for our Further Faster Delivery service.

While it’s true that technology is progressing in leaps and bounds and it is also true that Amazon has launched a ‘Drone to Home’ service, Montane’s Further Faster Delivery service will not be taking to the skies any time soon, although it’s not a totally farfetched idea…You can still benefit from free express UK delivery on all orders over £75 though – that’s not a prank. Visit https://www.montane.co.uk/delivery-i85 to find out more.

But more importantly, did we fool you?

If you missed it, watch the original April Fool’s Day video for Further Faster Delivery here:

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