Registration is now open for the 2017 Montane TOR DES GÉANTS 2017 endurance trail, one of the most epic races in the world.

Registrations open today for the Montane Tor des Géants (10 – 17 September 2017), which has rapidly become one of the most coveted and reputed trail running races in the world.  With the race now more popular than ever, it is expected that the 750 available places will be snapped up in a record time.

To register for the Montane TDG 2017 visit:

Tor16_Day2_Rifugio Coda_PH Jeantet Stefano-7

Montane TDG 2016, Day 2 Rifugio Coda . Image © Jeantet Stefano

Runners can expect to endure both hot and cold weather, light and darkness, ascents and descents as well as altitude differences. Beautiful in its brutality, the Montane Tor des Géants is aimed at athletes with a passion for the mountains, as well as those wanting to push the limits of both their resolve and athletic capabilities.

The route, which is the first non-stop ultra-race of its kind, covers 330km (200 miles) across an entire region; running along the spectacular paths of the Alps, through the Gran Paradiso Natural Park and the Mont Avic Regional Park.

Running along the Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2 of the Valle d’Aosta, with the start and finishing line in Courmayeur with an altitude range of 24,000 metres.

Tor16_Day6_Rifugio Bertone_Malatra_PH Jeantet Stefano-15

Montane TDG 2016, Day 6 Rifugio Malatra . Image © Jeantet Stefano

Along the way there will be several rest, rescue and refreshment points, as well as seven larger bases that will divide the route up into seven sectors:

  • Courmayeur – Valgrisenche:                          50 km 4747 D+
  • Valgrisenche – Cogne:                                       58 km 5082 D+
  • Cogne – Donnas:                                             45 km 2698 D+
  • Donnas – Gressoney St Jean:                          54 km 6086 D+
  • Gressoney St Jean – Valtournenche:              33 km 3187 D+
  • Valtournenche – Ollomont:                              48 km 4904 D+
  • Ollomont – Courmayeur:                                  50 km 4210 D+
Tor des Géants day 3 - Oliviero Bosatelli. Image by Jeantet Stefano

Montane TDG 2016, Day 3 Eventual race winner Oliviero Bosatelli . Image © Jeantet Stefano


To register for the Montane TDG 2017 visit:


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