Break free of short-term goals: Montane & #Run1000Miles

Montane announces official sponsorship of Trail Running Magazine’s #Run1000Miles 2017 campaign.

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It’s always the same; after the excesses of December’s festive celebrations each new year there is a swathe of ‘New Year, New You’ style messages. And while the majority of them are undeniably positive, the more cynical among us will immediately switch off. From the plethora of such messages, what’s the difference between them all? Aren’t they really a sales ploy to increase revenue to gyms? And aren’t they hard to stick to as the year unfolds?

Let’s pick some of these apart. Most of these messages traditionally focus on a short-term mindset, rather than changing your life continually and gradually for the better. They focus on corresponding short-term goals such as ‘lose weight fast’ or ‘get fit quick’ over and long term, sustainable solutions. Results are king, not finding a format of exercise that you enjoy and making space for it. As such, it’s no wonder that sticking to these resolutions becomes a chore, a trudge and not something enjoyable to be kept up year-round as part of an active lifestyle.

Consider this too – 43% of people who break their New Year’s resolutions do so before February.

The real challenge is more along the lines of ‘A New You Is For Life, Not Just For New Year’.

So while we at Montane could encourage mass participation in quick-fix one-off short-term running goals, this is definitely not our philosophy as a brand. We are instead proudly supporting the more sustainable and vastly more rewarding longer-term #Run1000Miles campaign.

As sponsor of some of the world’s toughest and most gruelling ultra distance races, such as the Montane Lakeland 100 / 50 in the UK or the 200 mile Montane Tor Des Géants in Italy, we are often asked: “why do people run such mad sounding races?” and “how do you get to a point where you enjoy that?”. The participants may well be a little mad, but in an undeniably positive way. Their sheer enthusiasm, passion and motivation for running and getting outdoors is infectious (even when the going is tough) and we want to enable more people to challenge themselves to reach or take steps towards reaching this mindset. The ambience at the start of the aforementioned Montane Lakeland 100 / 50 is like a mini-Glastonbury Festival. It’s family friendly, there’s a strong sense of community and everyone there is genuinely happy to see old friends, running acquaintances and immerse themselves in the party-like atmosphere. Running is good for you not just physically, but mentally too.


#Run1000Miles in a nutshell

  • Run your 1000 miles at your leisure over the course of a year
  • No pressure to adhere to any routines or planned diets, you run in your own way and time, for your own reasons
  • 1000 miles = 19.2 miles per week, or 2.7 miles per day
  • Fill in your pledge form, take a photo of yourself with it and share with the #Run1000Miles community on social media or join the #Run1000Miles group on facebook

To help you on your journey, a number of Team Montane athletes, Montane staff and #Run1000Miles ambassadors will be taking part in this 2017 challenge also.

Connect with them for expert tips and tricks or just encouragement using the hashtag ‘#Run1000Miles’ on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

More here:

  • The #Run1000Miles website contains useful downloads, including the Pledge form, running routes and videos. You can also download a free mileage tracker to record your progress and enter exclusive competitions

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