“Science fiction light”: Best on Test for the Featherlite 7 Jacket

he UK’s Totally Active magazine finds our Featherlite 7 Jacket “a gear geek’s dream”, awarding it ‘Best on Test’.

Totally Active Best on Test logo

At approx. 48g, the Featherlite 7 Jacket is quite simply the world’s lightest windproof jacket. Focusing on functionality and lightweight without compromise, the Featherlite 7 is minimalism in a nutshell. A tiny pack size (it stuffs into its own collar) and a gossamer weight water resistant fabric add up to ensure this jacket is gram for gram the lightest windproof jacket out there.

Reviewer Paul Barton highlights the breathability, wind resistance and durability of the fabric, branding the Featherlite 7 Jacket “impressive”.

Read more about the Featherlite 7 Jacket here.

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