Winter is coming

Team Montane athletes Malcolm Bass & Simon Yearsley prepare for some good old fashioned climbing and exploring this winter.

The first flights of snow have fallen on our hills. Late autumnal storms are battering the west. The sun has lost its warmth. For lovers of winter the pulse is quickening: the object of our desire is suddenly within reach.

By walking or running in the hills, every winter’s day can be enjoyed for what it is. Scudding black hail squalls whipping along the ridge, or the calm of muffling, moistening mist: if we open our hearts to what’s out there today we have no need to wait.

But when we want to winter climb we commit to the waiting game. Tradition, conservation, safety, challenge, and practicality all play their part in persuading us to wait for “the conditions” to be right. But right for what? More of this later…..

As the winter climbing year evolves Montane climbers Malcolm Bass and Simon Yearsley will be sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences and images of the season. Who knows what it will bring…

Read more about Simon and Malcolm on their Team Montane athlete profiles.

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