Marcus Scotney’s 7 deadly sins

With 7 weeks to go before the Montane Lakeland 100 & 50, ultra distance runner & Team Montane member Marcus Scotney takes some time to talk through race prep for brave participants.

The seven deadly sins of the Montane Lakeland 50/100

Brothers and sisters, with seven weeks to go before the Montane Lakeland 100 or 50, I want us to reflect not only on preparing our bodies with the disciplined training we are doing, but also on preparing our minds on the vices and cardinal sins that can beseech us.

Let us not fall into temptation of the seven deadly sins!


Believe in yourself! Believe in your own ability to complete the distance. When you are out training, use visualization of yourself being out on the course and how it feels as you come into Coniston. Prepare as much as you can; sit and study the route maps, prepare a pace chart and a nutrition plan. Don’t be afraid to walk…even the elite competitors walk!


Don’t judge your preparation and training against others. Focus on your own training and limitations. You can’t change your build up, don’t suddenly throw yourself into an intense training programme with so few weeks to go!


What food and drinks are you going to use on the event and have you tested them out when training?

Make sure you are using food that you enjoy eating – there is nothing worse than carrying gels or even baby food if after 4 hours of running you can’t face them. Consider using real food or making your own energy bars.

Do you know what food is available at checkpoints? If not, you can find out here.

But remember it is not all laid on for you, there are another 1,000+ competitors you have to share with. Don’t hang around too long at a checkpoint – with 14 checkpoints on the 100 and 6 on the 50 you could easily end up adding over an hour on your finishing time if you overindulge in the comfort of the checkpoints.


Don’t give in to lust over new shiny kit and an impulse purchase of the latest kit before the event and then not properly testing it out! Just because someone says on a forum that a piece of kit is the bee’s knees doesn’t mean the week before the Montane Lakeland 100/50 you should buy it, without properly testing it out in training.


Prepare for intense emotional responses! Physically and mentally you are going to push your body beyond its limit and will experience a rollercoaster of emotions, but remember no one has forced you to do the event. But don’t be foolish and push on if you are injured, remember the event will be on next year.

And whatever happens NEVER take your disappointment or frustration of having to pull out on the amazing marshals!

You can find out more about getting back to race HQ in the event of having to drop out here.


Don’t carry too much! Remember every gram counts; the more you carry the more calories you need to cope with the extra weight.

Make sure you are carrying the required kit list and then think about what else you need and are going to carry.

Remember you are not on a Bronze DofE expedition, but make sure you don’t skimp on kit especially if the forecast is for a typical unpredictable day in the Lake District.


Start tapering at least two weeks before the Montane Lakeland 100/50.

Make sure you are rested up before the event and not fatigued from trying to cram last minute long training runs in! It’s too late to be doing super long runs in July. Don’t forget to rest up and eat lots after the event and take at least 1 week off to let the body and legs recover. Rest up if you are injured. Treat yourself to a sports massage before and afterwards to aid in your preparation and recovery.

Read more about Marcus here

Images courtesy of HOKA ONE ONE, © Laurence Crossman-Emms Photography

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